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A Beginner’s Guide to Purchasing New Bed Sheets


Couple adds new linens to bed

You already know that your mattress, pillows, and box spring go a long way toward a better night’s sleep and a more restful morning. Those aren’t the only pieces to the puzzle, though. No, we aren’t talking about too much screen time at night or even whether you get your coffee in the morning. Your sheets matter too! According to Malouf Sleep, a shocking 71% of mattress buyers are looking to buy new sheets within two weeks of their purchase. With a number this large, nearly three out of every four shoppers, we wanted to take the time and discuss your linen needs. Linen vs cotton? How about silk? Here are a few things to keep in mind in order to make the most of your purchase:

Begin by knowing your skin type

In order to know exactly which type of sheets will feel the best every night, you need to start with your own skin. Microfiber-fabric sheets, like those with extremely fine fibers of polyester, are very affordable and feel soft, yet are much less breathable than cotton and are probably not the best choice for those with sensitive skin. There are cotton sheets that feel just like an old t-shirt. These are comfortable for some, but will add to the heat for those who get overly warm and sweat while they sleep. There’s also satin, silk, flannel, and sateen. Knowing your own body and your own skin will be extremely helpful in making the right purchase.

Consider the thread count

You may have heard terms like “Egyptian” “Pima” or ‘Turkish Cotton” and assumed that means certain sheets are the best. The truth is that the thread count matters more than the type of cotton or even the brand. This thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch on your sheets. Typically, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. These pair with any new mattress for incredible comfort and feel. So, what’s good and what isn’t? Good sheets range anywhere from 200 to 800, although you'll occasionally see claims of a thread count over 1,000. Remember, there are ways for less-than-reputable manufacturers to inflate the thread count, such as using multiple yarns twisted together.  It’s also important to note that for some sleepers, higher thread counts may actually be uncomfortable. Higher numbers indicate that the threads are tightly woven together and could cause you to sweat more. If you worry that this will be the case, you’ll want to stick with around 400. This is why it’s important to get your new bed sheets from a retailer you can trust.

Protect your investment in comfort

Would you purchase a new mattress without a warranty? Probably not. This is because you know that occasionally an issue will arise, even with a reputable brand. If there is something that makes you even the slightest bit unhappy with your purchase, you want it taken care of as quickly and as hassle-free as possible. Just the same, your sheets are an investment that you want the retailer to stand behind. Only purchase linens that come with a warranty, preferably one that covers you for up to a full year of sleep.

This information can feel like a lot to remember, but well-worth it in order to have a great set of sheets for your new mattress. If you are going to purchase new sheets very shortly after your new bed, it just makes sense to buy them at the same time. When you purchase your new mattress from City Mattress, you can actually get everything you need at the same time, from the same place. How convenient! It may be because your new bed is a different size, you want the best sheets to go on top of the best mattress, or you just want the entire bed to feel new. Regardless of why you need new bed linens, City Mattress will make finding the perfect set to go with your new bed set easy, affordable, and comfortable- just like the rest of our product line! Our sales professionals are renown in the industry for knowing everything there is to know about beds, and this extensive knowledge covers the best sheets for you as well.