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Choosing The Best Mattress Type: The Innerspring Mattress


Welcome back to our series on choosing the very best mattress type for you!

The second article in our Choosing the Best Mattress Type series focuses on the tried and true features of the innerspring mattress. One of the more popular mattress types, the innerspring mattress has been around since the 19th century and is still the most common mattress found in today’s modern world.

Early innerspring mattresses were designed using a continuous metal coil process, covered with batting and topped with a quilted fabric covering. The mattress was supported by a box spring (also known as a foundation).

Modern innersprings range in firmness with the added advancement of a pillow or foam top for increased comfort and feel. Today’s mattresses can be upwards of 15” thick, while early versions were smaller and about 6” to 8” thick.

The contemporary innerspring has undergone extensive upgrades in the manufacturing processes and in the materials used to construct the mattresses. Design experts tell us that the amount of metal coils a mattress has doesn’t really affect the end product, but the coil gauge can significantly contribute to the overall comfort and feel, so be sure to ask your sales expert as you compare brands. 

Innerspring mattresses are affordable and readily available, and are generally consistent in their level of comfort. They also do not have issues radiating heat, which can cause you to feel to hot when you’re sleeping.

Studies have shown that innersprings have a tendency to wear faster than other mattress types, and should generally be replaced every 5 to 7 years. They can also have a more limited range of comfort and support, and are motion-sensitive which can disturb your sleeping partner.

City Mattress Innerspring Recommendations

You will find by researching a range of brands that today’s innerspring mattresses are widely offered in ranges to fit every customer’s individual preferences and budget guidelines.

Be sure to review the features and benefits of all brands when shopping at your local mattress store. Ask your sales representative to show you innersprings that fit your specific requirements, and be sure to take the time to test them for comfort, firmness, price, etc. before making a final purchase decision. There are also a variety of foundations available, so choose the best one for your personal sleep needs.

Here’s a few innerspring mattresses we recommend:

City Mattress Parks Collection - Our signature innerspring mattresses represent a good value at entry level prices.

PranaSleep Karma - An excellent choice for the consumer seeking a luxury innerspring mattress at a more affordable price point.

Aireloom - Designed in California and made in the USA, the Aireloom brand represents the ultimate high-end innerspring experience.

BONUS TIP: Your City Mattress sales representative is knowledgeable in a range of sleep products that can help bump your nightly sleep pattern up to a whole new level. Visit one of our locations today for personalized recommendations on mattress covers, bed frames, bedding and more that can contribute greatly towards healthier, happier sleep.

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