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Your Sleep Satisfaction: What it is, Why it Matters, and How Your Mattress can Help


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When you visit the doctor, he or she may ask you about the quality of your sleep, but there’s another term to consider: sleep satisfaction. Your sleep satisfaction is a personal evaluation of how satisfied you feel with your night of sleep. It can be influenced by factors in the bedroom environment, such as light, noise, temperature, and yes- your mattress. While sleep quantity objectively measures how many hours you sleep and sleep quality takes into account such variables as how long it takes to fall asleep and the number of times you awake throughout the night, sleep satisfaction is really subjective. 

Essentially- how do you feel about your night of sleep last night? You see, people’s views of what makes sleep satisfying can vary. As a simple example, five hours of sleep may not feel like nearly enough for most people, but for the parent of a newborn it might seem like a lot. As another example, a person who lies awake for some time before falling asleep may still be satisfied with their slumber if they sleep soundly through the night once they do drift off. On the other hand, someone who normally drifts right off can still get the recommended number of hours one night and wake up feeling less than satisfied with the sleep experience if they took “too long” to doze off.

Advice for Getting Better Sleep Satisfaction

They key is to set yourself up to have a night of sleep you’ll consider a good one. Read on for our expert advice on how to maintain a high level of sleep satisfaction each and every night:

#1 Create a sleep oasis with a comfortable mattress

A few small adjustments to your bedroom can result in better sleep and a higher level of sleep satisfaction. Keep your room clean and uncluttered. Set the temperature to between 60 and 67 degrees. If your bedroom is too bright or loud, consider installing blackout curtains and a white noise machine to limit distractions. Dim the lights an hour before bedtime to tell your brain and body it is time to settle down for the night. 

#2 Stay active

 Sleep satisfaction is linked to higher levels of daytime energy, and at the same time more energy is related to greater feelings of sleep satisfaction. You can improve your energy level by making sure you have active time each day. Take a morning walk to get your blood flowing and heart pumping, fit in a yoga class, or ride your bike for an hour after dinner. You don’t need to be a marathon runner to enjoy sleep satisfaction, but you fall asleep easier if your body is actually tired. It just makes sense!

#3 Put thought into your bed

You can do everything right, from working out each morning to avoiding screens at night, and still suffer once you try to sleep if you lie down in an uncomfortable bed. A lot of your sleep satisfaction depends on having a bed you actually enjoy. This means putting a focus on getting a high-quality comfortable mattress, as well as supportive pillows, breathable sheets, and possibly even an adjustable bed base.

Sleep satisfaction is measured by the presence of personal positive emotions. This is why finding your perfect mattress is such a big deal. Let’s compare sleep satisfaction to dining satisfaction. If you enjoy a Thanksgiving meal cooked exactly like your mom used to make it, it’s highly satisfying. On the other hand, a meal that’s cooked correctly but uses a different recipe and maybe even different dishes altogether would be less satisfying, even though there is nothing technically wrong with this Thanksgiving feast. Just the same, the perfect mattress that delivers a great sleep for someone else may be a firm comfort provided by innersprings while yours is a plush mattress made from all-natural Talalay Latex. The only way to find out which mattress is best for you is to lie down and try them!

That is where the experts at City Mattress can help. In our stores, you can come in and spend as much time as you need finding the perfect mattress to give you a great night of sleep and peak sleep satisfaction.