Borden Textile

About Borden Textile

Established in Haverhill, Massachusetts, in 2008, Borden Textile bedding began with a mission to manufacture the highest quality bed pillows, pillow inserts, and ergonomic support pillows on the market. Passionate about craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, Borden Textile exclusively uses only the finest materials and construction methods to deliver premium pillows that are supportive, comfortable, and lasting for years to come. A domestic producer of USA-made pillows, the company quickly responds to customers' needs while adhering to high-quality standards and consistently providing a competitive price. Along with producing innovative sleep solutions to meet unique needs, Borden Textile's pillows utilize an ecological manufacturing process to minimize production waste and maximize recyclable material usage.


Your Options with Borden Textile

With a deep understanding that sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle, Borden Textile passionately produces the best pillows and pillow inserts for you to experience a rejuvenating night’s rest. Including a pillow for everyone within our collection lineup, explore Borden Textile’s orthopedic pillows made by hand with hypoallergenic options for allergy sufferers and sensitive sleepers.

Explore the doctor-approved Sleepy Hollow™ Anti-Stress Pillow for maximum therapeutic relief and perfect neck support with a strategic dimple at the center, allowing the shoulders, neck, and head to be cradled. Made in the USA to make any seat more comfortable, the Sciatica Saddle™ Pillow offers posture support to improve your sitting position and reduce pain by taking the weight off the thighs and backside. Minimizing mask interference and discomfort with a unique shape, the CPAP Support Pillow & Cover, Jumbo CPAP Support Pillow & Cover, and CPAP Cooling Support Pillow showcase contoured cutouts at both ends to keep you cozy and the sleep apnea CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine hose clear as you slumber. Optimized for side sleepers, the Side Sleeper Support Pillow & Cover features a U-shape design with a large cutout and dimple to minimize weight put on your shoulder and the ear, while the Side Sleeper Cooling Pillow offers the same benefits with cooling material at one side. A revolutionary design in sleep care with an orthopedic hourglass shape, the chiropractor-recommended Butterfly Neck Support Pillow eases and prevents back pain, muscle tension, shoulder pain, and stiff neck. With full-body support in a 110-inch length, the Body Wrap Support Pillow flexes into a U-shape for simultaneous front and back support and maximum pressure relief.