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About Cotton Sheets & Pillowcases

When shopping for new linens, you simply cannot go wrong by choosing cotton. Many people feel that the best choice for bedding is one that is soft, strong, and easy to care for. This all describes cotton!

Cotton Sheets & Pillowcase Material

Cotton is the original fabric chosen for bed linens. It is breathable yet absorbent, as well as soft yet incredibly durable. Cotton is also naturally hypoallergenic, odor-resistant, and easy to maintain. It is everything you could want in your bed sheets and pillow cases, without any of the harsh chemicals found in man-made materials.

Your Options with Cotton Sheets & Pillowcases

City Mattress carries cotton linens from multiple brands, so you’re sure to find bedding that meets your comfort and budget requirements. Classic and comfortable, the Malouf 600 thread count cotton blend sheets have a two-sided design with the feel of cotton on one side and the wrinkle-resistant convenience of polyester on the other. This is ideal for those looking to love their bedding without spending too much. If you’re focused on being eco-friendly, we have cotton linen options from Sleep & Beyond and American Blossom Linens. If you truly want the best of the best, you’re looking for luxury cotton linens from the SFERRA lineup.

What Else You Should Know About Cotton Sheets & Pillowcases

Cotton provides breathable comfort, excellent temperature management, and timeless style. Many of our cotton linens options are made in the USA, ethically and sustainably. You will absolutely melt into bed each night when you outfit your sleep oasis with cool, comfortable cotton!

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