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4 Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas for Your Bedroom


Steaming mug of hot cocoa  sits on top of grey sweater on bed with holiday decor near a window

Sadly, the Holiday Season is over. Most of January has now passed which means nearly all of us have taken our lights, tree, candles, and other holiday decor down. As you look around, does your home seem a little...empty? Just because your favorite holiday has passed doesn’t mean there’s nothing to enjoy about winter! In fact, there are many cozy, snuggly ways to decorate your home once the Holiday Season has passed. Nowhere is it easier to incorporate winter decor ideas than your bedroom. By following just a few expert cozy room ideas, your bedroom will go from a place to sleep to a place you feel snug as a bug in a rug!

Add extra pillows and throws

As the temperature dips and the snow starts to fall, it’s only natural to want to snuggle up and get comfy in bed. You don’t want silky sheets and a light comforter, though. You want thick, warm, and snuggly blankets! We have plenty of winter bedding ideas here at City Mattress. Soft flannel, velvet, or cashmere will feel divine when you crawl in after being so cold all day long. You’ll want to shop our wide selection of not just linens, but also down comforters, layering blankets, throws, and more. For the most comfort and relaxation, we recommend a weighted throw blanket. One of our favorites is the Classic Weighted Blanket by Hush, specially crafted to warm your body and soul. This soothing blanket is filled with pockets of glass sand to add weight and heft, then covered with an oh-so-soft exterior duvet fabric for the perfect combination of reassuring pressure and fluffy comfort. Don’t forget the pillows! Adding a few extra pillows on top this time of year, like the Malouf Lounge Reading Pillow, can do a lot to take your cozy bed to the next level. Flopping into bed at night will be the best part of your day!

Focus on soothing, warm colors

By now we’ve covered that you want your bed to be soft and warm. That’s not the end of our warm and cozy bedroom ideas! When choosing the best throw blanket to add to your bedroom, you’ll want to keep a few color suggestions in mind. No, this doesn’t mean red and green. Warmed-toned bedding in shades of olive green, gold, and burnt orange are very trendy winter hues right now. Browns and rusts also do a lot to contrast the bleak, wintery scene outside. Incorporate these colors in your blankets, flowers, candles, and more.

Highlight the scents of the season

There’s no more Christmas cookies to bake and no longer a spruce tree in your living room. Now your house just smells...well, like nothing. Let’s change that! There are a variety of winter scents that have nothing to do with a particular holiday. In January and February, you can still make your bedroom smell like cinnamon, gingerbread, spices, or peppermint. For a sophisticated take on winter, create a medley of cedar wood and vanilla. Perhaps you still want a winter pine scent in your home, with the help of a candle or essential oil.

Lay down an area rug

No list of warm bedroom ideas would be complete without discussing rugs. Hardwood or tile floors may look crisp and clean, but in the winter it can feel cold on your bare feet. Throw down an area rug! It feels so much better to wake up and put your feet down onto a rug rather than the cold, bare ground. We carry area rugs from Rizzy Home, in multiple sizes, colors, and designs. The Alora Decor Luna Rust Solid Rug is perfect to bring out those warm, winter tones mentioned above. 

We all need a super soft place to rest our head at the end of the day, particularly if that day was spent being cold and blown around by a fierce winter wind! The space where you sleep is also where you rest and recharge. Winter throw pillows and layering blankets are a great place to begin! Soon you’ll be snuggled down, tucked up, and ready to nestle in for a long winter’s nap.