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4 Reasons Your Child’s Mattress Matters Now, Not Later


Child Sleeping Mattress

Finding the right mattress will give you a great night’s sleep, which means getting both the right support, as well as the right comfort level. It isn’t just about not feeling tired, though. The sleep your body needs, made possible by a high-quality mattress, also helps lower your stress levels, alleviates neck and back pain, helps with Insomnia, keeps dust mites and other allergens from your bedroom, and can even help you stay healthier as you age.

All of this applies to your mattress, sure- but also the mattress your child sleeps on. As parents, it’s natural to want to do everything that you can to help your child grow up healthy and happy. Just like for adults, having a comfortable and supportive mattress plays a big role for children in getting the kind of deep, restorative sleep that their growing minds and bodies need. Some of the benefits of regular quality sleep for children include:

#1 It Helps Their Bodies Grow and Recover

Everybody needs time at rest in order to repair itself and to keep its systems in working order. Children’s bodies have the additional need to also grow bigger and stronger at a healthy rate as well. While the amount of sleep that children need changes as they age, consistent, deep sleep always plays a part in their physical and mental well-being. Their development depends on good sleep!

#2 It Allows Them Focus at School

 If you stay up late watching television, you feel it the next day and have a hard time doing your best at work. Just like in adults, sleep is vital for a child’s ability to focus, think clearly, and make the right decisions. When they are sleep deprived, children are more likely to struggle with learning in school or have a hard time following directions at home.

#3 It Improves Their Mood and Behavior

 We all know how a sleepy child acts, and it isn’t good! Tantrums and outbursts are an inevitable outcome of a child who doesn’t get enough sleep. Not only can a lack of sleep cause major irritability (just like for you!), it can also contribute to problems with attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity.

#4 It Keeps Them at a Healthy Weight

 A lack of sleep contributes to unhealthy weight gain as a body craves food to gain as much energy as possible. Based on many scientific studies over the years, the less people sleep, the more they weigh, and the more likely they are to put on excess pounds over time. Combine this with the fact that overweight children are significantly more likely to stay overweight as adults and experience health problems due to this, like Type II Diabetes and heart disease, and it’s easy to see why their sleep and health matter now.

If your child’s mattress is low-quality or just not right for them, it’s going to be hard for them to get the amount of recuperative sleep they need. The right mattress for him or her provides support, meaning your child’s body gets the kind of cushioning that it needs to keep the spine aligned and their neck protected. If a mattress doesn’t have this kind of comfort and support, there’s a good chance that your child will have issues either falling staying asleep.

You wouldn't send your child to baseball practice without the right gear or to school without their backpack. And yet, despite the fact that they spend a third of their lives sleeping, many of us haven't adequately given thought to the mattress their child needs for restful sleep. Make today the day you change that! Bring your child into your nearest City Mattress location, speak to a Sleep Expert, and have them try out beds. There are over 80 sleep comforts to choose from!