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5 Mattress Buying Myths


 Mattress Buying

The Better Sleep Council recommends replacing your mattress every seven to 10 years, depending on comfort and support. More than likely, shopping for a new mattress isn’t something you do very often. In fact, if you bought a high-quality and comfortable mattress last time, it’s probably been about a decade since you’ve done so. This means doing your research ahead of time is extremely important. If not, you may fall victim to believing a few mattress myths that can make your shopping experience more challenging as well as make it more difficult to buy the best new mattress for you. A few of the most common include:

Mattress Myth #1 - This is going to be so difficult!

Mattress shopping is one of the most agonizing experiences. From pushy salespeople, to an overwhelming number of options, to high prices, to not actually knowing what you need in the first place, this isn’t how you want to spend your entire Saturday afternoon. Plus, it's so easy to end up with the wrong one and either waste money or hate your own bed for years to come.

Not true! In fact, shopping with City Mattress is the complete opposite of these things. We encourage you to read our Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp reviews. You’ll read shopper after shopper say what an exceptional experience they had! We don’t have salespeople; we have Sleep Experts. After asking you a few questions, they’ll point you in the direction of a few mattress options. The entire shopping experience will be much quicker and more stress-free than you imagine right now.

Mattress Myth #2 - The softer a mattress is, the more comfortable it is.

Your comfort feel is a personal preference. We have everything from Pillow Top mattresses to Extra Firm mattresses and everything in between. For some people, a soft bed really is the most comfortable option. This tends to be lighter individuals and those who sleep on their side. However, someone who sleeps on their stomach may very well wake up with back pain if their mattress is too soft. This person may think a Firm mattress is more comfortable, especially if they are heavier and want to reduce pressure points.

Mattress Myth #3 - The firmer a mattress is, the more supportive it is.

Again- this mattress myth is exactly that. It's important to pick one that supports your head, shoulders, hips, and legs, all in proper alignment.

The way a mattress feels and how supportive it is are actually not related. What you’re looking for is a mattress that delivers proper lumbar support, which means it helps support your natural spine curvature in a way that keeps it in the "S" curve your back makes. If you’re sleeping on a poorly-constructed mattress that lets you sink in too far, your back is instead shaped more like an inverted “C.” Firm is great for some, but don’t be misled into thinking you have to sleep on a Firm mattress in order to be supported. 

Mattress Myth #4 - My mom likes this mattress, so I will too.

There’s no “best” mattress for everyone. It’s very likely a mattress that your mom, best friend, or coworker raves about won’t be the ideal one for you. Why would one mattress feel the same, offer identical support, and last the same amount of time for a 120-pound elderly woman with Sciatica and a 250-pound man who regularly lifts weights and suffers from muscle soreness? Simple answer: It wouldn't! 

That is why it’s so important to factor in things such as a person's natural sleeping position, any sleeping difficulties or disorders, their age, their weight, and general preferences from previous mattress experiences. You may like a bouncy innerspring mattress while someone else prefers to sink deep into memory foam. There’s no one right answer!

Mattress Myth #5 - A quick lie down in the showroom is all the testing needed.

Yes, it’s important to visit a mattress store and try out a few options. Feel free to visit City Mattress and lie down for a few minutes on one, two, or several new mattress options. That being said, lying on a mattress for 10 minutes and sleeping on it for eight full hours is a very different experience. You may find it doesn’t quite work out the way you hoped. That’s okay! This is precisely why we offer our Comfort Guarantee. If you find your mattress isn’t to your liking when you get home and try it out for a few weeks, we’ll work with you to find a different option. 

Now that you’re aware of these mattress myths, you are armed with the information you need to make your shopping trip a successful one. Don’t put off mattress shopping because you’re worried about how long, confusing, expensive, or frustrating it will be. As Melanie V. said recently about her experience with our Fort Myers location, “Very easy to deal with...salesperson was very knowledgeable and helpful. Delivery was smooth and as promised!” Are you ready for a shopping experience like this? Come to City Mattress!