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All You Need to Know About the Aireloom Mattress Brand


The best place to buy aireloom mattresses

If you’re looking for a new mattress, you cannot go wrong beginning your search looking into Aireloom. Aireloom’s master craftsmen have poured years of dedication into the “art of mattress-making.” The result is you being able to experience a sleep that some say is unmatched by many other brands. These mattresses are hand-made, here in America. Their attention to detail from start to finish is made apparent from the first time you lay down on your brand new Aireloom Mattress!

What Makes Aireloom Great?

Aireloom was founded in 1940 and the brand still operates and innovates in the same California headquarters today. You can expect these mattresses to be made from nothing but the finest materials, including hand-selected layers of cotton, Joma™ wool, and proprietary premium foams like Energex™. These are all designed to not just meet, but actually exceed your expectations. It’s more than what an Aireloom Mattress is made from; it is how they are made, as well. Aireloom describes their construction process as a “labor of love!” Each mattress is made by true craftsmen who focus on every cut, stitch, and piece of material that goes into making sure you experience the most comfortable night’s sleep possible. Many of their mattresses use the 18th-century art of tufting, which holds the bed together in a way that does not cause any false loft or body impressions. Clearly, this is not your ordinary mattress.

Aireloom Mattresses Carried by City Mattress

We currently carry eight Aireloom options, all of which are available for online purchase. One of the most popular options is the Aireloom Balboa Firm Luxetop Mattress. The Aireloom Balboa mattress is a hand-made mattress featuring the patented Aireloom Lift™, a natural chamber allowing every element to breathe and synchronize with your body. The impressive comfort layers of the Aireloom Balboa mattress include two full sheet layers of micro coils for added support, natural cotton, and firm CelsionPLUS™ Talalay latex.  The ultra quilt package has silk, wool, and Tencel™ providing luxurious comfort with maximum conformability. For those who prefer a softer feel to their bed, the Aireloom Seaside Plush Luxetop is a truly fabulous mattress designed for maximum support and comfort. It features a full 8-lbs of cotton upholstery and two layers of micro coils to provide the soft feel you want and support you need. Other Aireloom Mattress offerings include the Tahoe in both Plush and Firm, Moonstone, Joshua, Coachella, Jamboree, and more. 

Recent Aireloom Mattress Reviews

We love hearing from our customers after they’ve had a chance to sleep on their new mattress. After reading just how great this California-based brand is, it should come to no surprise that nearly all Aireloom mattress reviews we see are positive. Just a few weeks ago, Dave S. said “We've had the Aireloom Seaside Plush Luxetop king mattress for about two weeks, and both my wife and I find it very comfortable...we were very impressed.” This type of response is far from unique. Less than a month ago, Cheryl F said “Absolutely love my new Moonstone mattress!” and Linda and Mark R. told us “This mattress is wonderful...The best sleep we have had in many years!” The reviews just like these go back for years and years. People love their Aireloom mattress from City Mattress!

Aireloom mattresses are handmade and constructed using the timeless craftsmanship and innovative methods they have worked hard to perfect over the past 75 years. This brand strives to bring a modern brand of California comfort to the world, even if you’ll be sleeping in New York or South Florida instead of the West Coast. We’re proud to connect sleepers all across the country with this great mattress brand!

It’s easy to see why this brand is making sleepers happy all across the country, far from their native California roots. If you’re ready to try out the difference a hand-made mattress constructed with premium materials can make in your own life, you can order your Aireloom mattress from City Mattress!