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Best Mattresses for Scoliosis According to Our Sleep Experts


Man dealing with Scoliosis stands up from bed mattress

Millions of American suffer from back pain. While some suffer due to poor posture or the result of an accident, others deal with back pain due to structural condition. This includes those who have Scoliosis. If you have Scoliosis, you’re not just shopping for a new mattress; you’re looking for the best mattress for Scoliosis. Your spinal condition is going to have a big effect on what is considered to be the right mattress for you. Luckily, our City Mattress Sleep Experts know exactly how to help.

What is Scoliosis?

Before we get into the best mattress for Scoliosis, let’s first discuss the condition itself. In “normal” people, there is a natural, forward-and-backward curve to the spine that resembles the letter “S.” Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine. In those who have Scoliosis, the spine rotates and develops a side-to-side curve in addition to the normal “S” curve. These abnormal curves may be as mild as 10 degrees or as severe as 100 degrees or more. Treatment is most often geared towards relieving symptoms, and not necessarily fixing the curve as that would require costly and extensive spinal surgery. The goal is always to decrease pain and improve function, which can be done by (you guessed it!) sleeping on a high-quality mattress.

3 Factors that People with Scoliosis Should Consider when Buying a Mattress

People living with Scoliosis typically need a mattress that will cradle the body and alleviate pressure along the spine. We recommend you:

Find the right support

You may have simply learned to live and sleep with back pain, but it doesn’t need to be this way anymore! The right amount of back support helps you avoid any type of pain or soreness in the morning, even with your condition.  You want to keep your spine aligned while you sleep, allowing it to curve naturally and comfortably. Beyond this, your mattress needs to provide extra give and support to high-pressure areas, like your hips and shoulders.

Look for a tall mattress

Some mattresses are made to be thicker than others, which makes your bed taller once you get it home. The Scoliosis Association UK recommends that people with the condition choose a bed that is around 18 to 22 inches high. You’ll be placing the mattress on a foundation as well as a bed frame, so the mattress itself should be no less than 11 inches thick. This makes it easier to get in and out of bed.

Find a Medium comfort feel

While you may assume you need a Firm Mattress, experts actually say if your bed is too firm it can aggravate your condition. Instead, shop for a mattress that is neither too hard nor too soft. What you’re looking for is one that has a nice medium feel, with enough support to keep your spine happy and just the right amount of softness to keep the rest of you happy too!

The Best Mattresses for Scoliosis that we Recommend

When purchasing a mattress, people with Scoliosis should take support, comfort feel, and depth into consideration. We recommend you start your search with these top options:

Simmons Beautyrest Colfax Medium Mattress

This mattress is the right comfort feel and height, so it’s a great place to start your search. With pressure-relieving properties and motion separation, this innerspring mattress is firmly supported and stabilized to each edge with a pocketed coil system and BestEdge® foam encased perimeter. It features the Beautyrest® 800 Series Pocketed Coil Technology Support System, which provides flexible support exactly where it is needed while isolating motion between each sleeper for undisturbed rest. On top of these coils is a layer of high-quality foam for a more cushioning feel throughout the mattress. 

Serta iComfort Foam CF300 Medium Firm Mattress

If you prefer foam throughout the mattress instead of innersprings, you can’t go wrong with a Sealy iComfort Foam option. This is another tall, Medium option. There’s more to love than that, though. As one of the most cooling Serta iComfort® models, this mattress is both cool-to-the-touch and breathable. The Max Cold™ cover, coupled with the UltraCold™ system, instantly absorbs and dissipates body heat away from the soft and consistent cover.

Tempur-Pedic Tempur Adapt Medium Mattress

This is another great choice for those who prefer the feeling of foam of innersprings. You can experience a restorative night's sleep with the advanced pressure-relieving properties of Tempur-Pedic's medium foam mattress from the Adapt® Series. Two layers of TEMPUR-ES® foam create a softer feel for perfectly balanced comfort. Tempur-Pedic's original foam, TEMPUR®, at the support layer adds exceptional durability, motion separation, and body-contouring for unparalleled relaxation. This mattress is one inch thinner than the Serta and Beautyrest options, but this difference can be made up for by choosing a higher foundation to rest it on.

Corsicana Anniversary Medium Firm EuroTop Mattress

Corsicana created the high-performance Anniversary Medium Firm Eurotop mattress using state-of-the-art technology combined with traditional craftsmanship. With Edge Zoned Pocketed Coils, the Anniversary Medium Eurotop mattress has a consistent level of support all the way to the edge. It’s economically priced, with the support you need.

According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, roughly 2–3% of people in the United States have scoliosis. If you’re in this group, the mattress you sleep on every night is incredibly important. If you live with chronic back pain from Scoliosis, a good night's sleep can feel like a distant dream but it’s not. With the right bed, one that is comfortable and supportive, you can finally wake up without back pain!