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Mattress Talk: Choosing California King Mattress Over King


California King mattress and bed with blue linens in bright bedroom

When you want maximum space to stretch out in bed, only a king mattress will allow you to truly sleep like a king. However, there is still a choice to make – do you need a traditional king or California king size mattress

California king vs. king size – what’s the difference?

First things first, either of these choices will be larger than a queen mattress (learn more in our recent size comparison article). Both will also sleep two adults more than comfortably. How they differ is in overall width and length.

A California king size mattress measures 72”W x 84”L, making it 4 inches narrower than a king, while also being 4 inches longer. In practical terms, this means that taller sleepers may prefer the extra length of a California king, though some width will be lost. A California king size mattress is also a good option for those who have furry friends that sleep at the foot of the bed. Larger couples may prefer the traditional king, since it provides 4 inches extra width for stretching out. Learn more about King size mattresses in our article here.

Determine what you need from your California king mattress

Beyond the size of your next mattress, it’s important to choose the right mix of features and support for you. California king size mattresses come in a variety of types and materials, each with pros and cons. To get you started, City Mattress provides a softness scale from 1 (firmest) to 10 (softest) for every mattress we offer.

Firm California King Mattress

A firmer mattress will best fit those who like to sleep on their back or stomach. In addition, the stiffer support helps to maintain proper spinal alignment, which is key to alleviating back pain. There is also the factor of sleep temperature – a firm mattress keeps your body on top of the mattress, exposing your body to more airflow. If you’re a side sleeper, however, stiff resistance can cause increased pressure on the shoulders and hips, which can lead to morning soreness and interrupted sleep. Mattresses in the firm category often rate less than 5 on the softness scale.

Soft California King Mattress

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a pillow or euro top can feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. The extra softness means side sleepers receive pressure relief, as their shoulders and hips sink further into the mattress. Something to bear in mind is that this sinking feature can also lead to warmer sleep temperatures, as less of your body remains above the surface line. Mattresses in the soft category often rate greater than 5 on the softness scale.

The middle ground

For those who want the best of both worlds, a plush mattress may be just the thing. Plush tops often start with strong support at the core, resulting in firm support where it counts, but with enough softness to provide pressure relief. Plush mattresses come in a wide variety of materials, which means they can rate above or below 5 on the softness scale.

How much does a California king size mattress cost?

As you might expect, larger mattresses will cost more than their smaller counterparts. However, City Mattress has a great variety of options, so you’re sure to find something that fits your budget! Let’s look at a few California king choices for less than $1500, followed by some that highlight the best in sleep technology.

Under $1500

The following California king size mattresses fit smaller budgets, while still being adjustable base friendly:

Over $1500

Beyond this threshold is a plethora of California king size mattresses, and it’s difficult to go wrong once you know what you need. Here we list a few adjustable base friendly options that will have you looking forward to bedtime.

Why City Mattress?

No matter your taste or your budget, City Mattress has the California King size mattress you’re looking for. More importantly, we have the trained staff to help you find the right mattress for you, even if you’re not sure what you need! Let us take the guesswork out of finding your next mattress!