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Sealy Posturepedic vs Tempur-Pedic for Your Back Pain


Mattress for Back Pain

Recently, a Buffalo, NY area chiropractor told us how often her patients do not realize their mattress is a contributing factor to their back pain. This is why during her initial consultation, she likes to ask, “How old is your mattress?” More often than not, people either don’t know the answer, or have a mattress that is older than eight to ten years old. Many people don’t realize the impact a mattress can have on their pressure points, joints, and back pains as well.

When people come to us about finding a mattress to help with back pain, we have several options. We often like to begin our search with either Sealy Posturepedic or Temper-Pedic. 


As you’ll soon read, people really love their new Sealy mattress. A big part of this is the fact that Sealy uses Posturepedic Technology in their mattresses. This provides you the right kind of support while you sleep. It was designed with the help of orthopedic specialists and is exclusive to their products. Because 50% of your weight rests in the center of the mattress while you sleep, a Sealy mattress was developed by these experts specifically to target, support, and reinforce your back and core. All Sealy mattresses are made in the U.S.A. and come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty. They’re able to be paired with an adjustable bed base for your most comfortable night of sleep ever!

A Tempur-Pedic mattress will conform to your body, reducing uncomfortable pressure points while you sleep. In fact, Tempur-Pedic’s foam mattresses are specifically designed to help relieve your back pain. How do they do it? They are not made from memory foam but rather thick layers of “Tempur,” millions of moveable cells that were designed to respond to your body’s weight, shape, position, and temperature. This was all done in order to maximize comfort. Because a Tempur-Pedic mattress reduces the need to move around so much, you can find the right sleeping position and stay there. Unlike regular memory foam, Tempur is long-lasting and incredibly resilient. This means it will continue to return to its original shape, and your mattress will feel brand new, night after night.

Comfort levels

We have a wide range of Tempur-Pedic choices, including the incredibly popular Pro Adapt Firm and the very cool Pro Breeze Medium. You can choose a Sealy mattress model that is ultra-firm, firm, cushion firm, plush or ultra-plush. We recommend either a Medium Firm or Firm model. Mattresses that are overly firm or too soft can aggravate back pain. Usually innerspring, latex, memory foam, and hybrids are the best types to help alleviate back pain.


We know when looking at Sealy Posturepedic vs Tempur-Pedic, the price points are going to factor in. While we strongly encourage you to shop for the best mattress that meets your needs and not for the “cheapest,” we do understand that budgets are limited. With this being said, most Sealy options are less expensive than comparable Tempur-Pedic mattresses. As a quick example, you’ll see two popular mattresses with many reviews relating to back pain: the Sealy Response Kenaston Firm Mattress and the TEMPUR-ProAdapt Medium Mattress. The Tempur-pedic option is $2,999.00 while the Sealy Posturepedic mattress is priced under one thousand.

You can’t and shouldn’t use price along to determine which is right for you; the two mattresses are very different. Prices range from affordable comfort to premium luxury in both brands. Mattresses are not something to bargain hunt for. While you don’t necessarily need an expensive model, it is important to purchase a mattress that will meet your needs. In the long run, this can help eliminate any extra cost add-ons, such as mattress toppers, custom covers, or specialized pillows.


You don’t need to hear the good news solely from us. We regularly get reviews from our customers who were searching for a way to reduce back pain and found the solution in a new mattress. In fact, both a Sealy Posturepedic mattress and a Tempur-Pedic mattress is a very popular option. All of these are real reviews, said by people just like you!

Phillip K, Sealy Response Kenaston Firm Mattress “EXCELLENT! Prior to this purchase we had a 3 year old Sleep Number bed, I had my side on the firmest setting of 100 and waking up every morning with back pain... I wake up PAIN FREE every morning since our purchase. It’s a life changer for me.”

Craig F, Sealy Response Lavina Cushion Firm Mattress “We took this decision very seriously, as we recognize that nearly 1/3 of your life is spent in bed! We knew we wanted something firm, but responsive. We wanted something that contoured to your body nicely and padded pressure points. We also absolutely needed something that slept cool, since we live in South Florida! The Response Lavina Cushion Firm was our final choice after much deliberation and it has been incredible. We have had it for a few months with no complaints. It ticked all of the above boxes, and we awaken feeling well-rested and comfortable. No back pain, no neck pain, no nothing. Highly recommend!”

Joseph S, Sealy Response Kenaston Firm Mattress “So far I love the mattress, it has really helped decrease my lower back pain.”

Brandon N, Sealy Response Kenaston Firm Mattress “Before replacing, I was not sleeping well and was having back pain. With the new mattress now, sleeping better and no back pain!”

Ken A, Sealy Response Kenaston Firm Mattress “My wife and I are at an age when our backs and joints are painful, particularly at night... The salesman at City mattress asked the right questions and zeroed in on the Sealy Response Kenaston which fit our needs and our budget... It's not too soft or too hard....just right for us. We sleep like we haven't in years and wake up without back pain...”

Tom and Melissa M, TEMPUR-ProAdapt Medium Mattress “Purchased the Tempur Pro Adapt due to numerous years of back pain. This mattress is a game changer. I no longer wake up with pain in my lower back.”

As Ken A puts it later on in his review of his new Sealy Posturepedic mattress, “We learned that having the right mattress is both an affordable luxury and a necessity.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves! If you’re suffering from back pain, your mattress can make a huge difference. We encourage you to look for a new mattress specifically made to help people like you. In the competition between Sealy Posturepedic vs Tempur-Pedic, there’s no wrong answer because they’re both great!