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The Best Mattress Toppers for Back Pain


Best Mattress Topper for Back Pain

If you’re looking to make a good mattress even better, you can’t go wrong by shopping for a new mattress topper. These products add extra comfort and support to a mattress that is either already great or just a bit too soft to help with chronic pain. That’s right; mattress toppers can help alleviate back pain. 

How a mattress topper can help with back pain 

If your mattress is over eight years old, cheaply-made, sagging, or lumpy, it is recommended you replace the mattress with a new, better-quality option. That being said, if you already have a recently-purchased mattress you like but need a bit more support, buying a mattress topper is a wonderful addition to your sleep system.

Mattress toppers will change the feel of an existing mattress, which may serve to improve your level of comfort while you sleep and greatly reduce your back pain. It all comes down to the support your body needs while you are lying down. The right mattress topper can help relieve pressure points and support natural spinal alignment, which also contributes to reduced back pain. What you want is a topper that combines pressure relief and spinal support to help cradle the hips, without putting a strain on your spine. 

Our best mattress toppers for back pain

We regularly update all of the products we sell in-store and online. That being said, we always have dozens of mattress toppers to choose from. If you’re looking to add a bit more support to your current bed, we recommend these:

Thomasville’s Gellux Convoluted Gel Mattress Topper From temperature regulation to added pressure relief, this mattress topper delivers it all! Using patented Gellux™ technologies, this mattress topper works to relieve pressure and pain through responsive, reflexive, and resilient support. The three-zone design is comprised of liquid gel, fused with high-performance memory foam, so it provides targeted lumbar relief where you need it most. 

I Love My Pillow Out Cold Copper Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper Enhancing pressure-relief, this breathable memory foam features zoned support that comforts your curves and delivers conforming responsiveness for your entire body. It provides you with an extra layer of supportive softness that is nearly three inches thick!

Scott Living’s Tencel and Polyester Filled Mattress Topper This mattress topper has a fill that contains a fiber blend of Tencel, which not only reduces moisture and limits bacteria, but also gives you just the right amount of lofty support. Plus, it’s made by a brand name you know and trust, so there’s no question it is a great product.

You don’t necessarily need to buy a brand new mattress in order to sleep better. Buying the best mattress topper for back pain is an investment in your health and happiness, and one you want to get the most for your money’s worth. You want to choose a product manufactured by a brand name you trust, made with durable materials.

You need more than a mattress to sleep great, and more than just a mattress salesman to help you create your perfect sleep system. That is why here at City Mattress, we don’t have salespeople in our stores; we have Sleep Experts. We have individuals who know a lot about sleep and want to help you achieve your perfect night of true rejuvenation. Sometimes, this entails a new mattress that is better suited for your comfort preferences and needs. On other occasions, the best mattress topper for back pain will do the trick!