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What is a Duvet Cover and why is it Perfect for Summer Sleeping?


Duvet Cover for Summer

You deserve to sleep on not just a bed but a true slumber oasis. This begins with a new mattress, but it certainly doesn’t end there. You also need comfortable pillows to rest your head on and keep your spine aligned. Then, you top it all off with your favorite type of bedding. We offer numerous linens and bedsheet options. As you shop for linens that will make your bed comfortable and cozy, we encourage you to look into your duvet cover options. A duvet is perfect for sleeping on summer nights!

What is a duvet? 

The easiest duvet definition is that a duvet is two pieces of bedding- not one. A traditional comforter is like a big, fluffy blanket. A linen duvet cover, on the other hand, is more like a pillow case, going over a pillow- in this case the duvet itself. A duvet has an insert that works as the fill. 

Duvet covers are so popular because they offer quite a few benefits. For one, they are easy to take off and wash so your bed is always fresh and clean. It’s tough to get an entire comforter in your washing machine, especially if you have a King sized bed. With a duvet, you pull the cover off and toss it in the machine. 

If you love to snuggle down into the coziest bed possible, you’re going to love a duvet cover. Typically, duvets feature a higher fill power than other bedding alternatives like comforters and quilts. “Fill power” refers to the measure of the loft of a down or down alternative product. The greater the fill power, the more insulating and fluffy the duvet will be. 

Also, the fact that a duvet cover comes off so easily means it is simple to change the colors or design when you want a change of style in your bedroom. Simply remove the duvet cover, replace it with a new one, and you’ve easily revamped your bedroom space. 

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Choices of duvet covers

Cotton Many of our favorite cotton duvet cover options are made by SFERRA. This isn’t just cotton; this is the best cotton in the world! The SFERRA Finna Cotton Duvet Cover is made from 100% extra-long-staple cotton. It's super soft, yet crisp. One touch is all it takes to experience the SFERRA difference!

Bamboo For those who love the feel of cotton, but wish it were even cooler and fresher, there are bamboo duvet covers! Bamboo duvet covers are cool, breathable, and absorbent. They are also cooler to the touch than cotton alternatives. As well, bamboo can absorb 40% more water than cotton. So, a bamboo duvet cover is a great choice to absorb sweat. We love the Malouf’s Woven Bamboo Duvet Cover Set, available in six soothing solid colors.

Silk and Sateen For a touch of high class, you’ll want to look into the silky offerings SFERRA makes with sateen. Our top recommendations for a silk duvet cover include the Giza Sateen Cotton Duvet Cover. Anything from the Giza Sateen Collection is made of the finest cotton in the world! Grown in the Nile river valley and woven by master craftsmen in Italy, these linens are the pinnacle of luxury. It is crafted with 100% Egyptian Cotton and given a sateen finish. 

Linen People often call all bedding “linens,” but that is not actually accurate. If you want your bedding to be a true linen duvet cover, you want the Malouf French Linen Duvet Cover Set. Made from the finest French-grown flax in the world, this linen duvet set offers a luxuriously soft feel, elegant look, and all-season natural temperature regulation. Linen is an ideal fabric for sleeping in the heat, something to keep in mind right now.

Duvets are the perfect summer bedding option!

You may have read above that a duvet cover keeps you cozy at night and has higher fill, so you assume this would be too hot for warm summer nights. A duvet doesn't need to be packed away when summer nights arrive! Don’t let all of that fluff fool you! Duvets are actually very light-weight. In fact, something like a cotton duvet cover, bamboo duvet set, or linen duvet set is actually specifically made to keep you cool underneath it. The best duvet covers keep you the perfect temperature all night long, no matter what season it is.

We take pride in offering our customers everything they need to sleep great. This is why City Mattress makes it incredibly easy to find the best duvet covers, whether you’ve recently purchased a new mattress from us or already love the one you have. We are particularly proud to have recently started carrying luxury linens from the famed brand Ann Gish on our website. Ann Gish is best known for exquisitely detailed, finely made bed linens- including duvet covers. Most of her high end products are machine washable, distinguishing itself from the luxury brand competition. These designs rely on elegance that is easy and pleasurable to live with. According to Ann Gish herself, “It is luxury created for and enjoyed by the senses.” From a silk duvet cover to casual cottons, these Ann Gish linens are sure to bring long-lasting beauty and comfort into your bedroom. 

Beyond Ann Gish products, we also carry SFERRA, Malouf, American Blossom Linens, Rizzy Home, and much more. Start shopping for the perfect summer duvet now!