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Which Size Bed is Right for You?


Different size mattresses stacked on top of each other, demonstrating different bed sizes

With the many bed and mattress sizes available, let alone their options, choosing your next bed can get a little confusing. Which bed size is biggest? Is a twin bed bigger or smaller than a double bed? What’s the difference between a king size bed and a California king size bed? Is a double bed and a full bed the same thing? Because City Mattress offers all popular bed and mattress sizes, we want to make sure you find the right size bed for you. 

A Note About Bed Sizes

As we explore the various mattress sizes available, it’s important to consider your own needs. We’ll make a point of discussing what each bed size is most suitable for, as well as their standard dimensions. When it comes to choosing the best mattress size for you, it usually comes down to bedroom space and sleep comfort.

Twin Size Beds

A twin bed is the smallest size available, at 38”W x 75”L. The narrow width and limited length make a twin size bed ideal as a first bed for kids, but adults should go bigger. While twin XL mattresses add five inches of length, you won’t find many beds at that size. Instead, they’re more commonly used in pairs for dual-adjustment, king size adjustable beds. That’s because two twin XL mattresses equal a king mattress in size.

Full Size Beds

A full size bed is also known as a double bed. Measuring 53”W x 75”L, a full size bed is wider than a twin, but remains the same length. A full XL mattress adds five inches of extra length, making it more comfortable for an adult. However, much like twin XL beds, full XL beds are relatively uncommon.

Full size beds are a good size for kids as they grow into teenagers. In addition, a single adult of average size can comfortably sleep on a full size bed. However, couples or larger adults should look at a queen size or bigger bed.

Queen Size Beds

In terms of sheer popularity, the queen size bed rules them all. At 60”W x 80”L, a queen size bed provides adequate room for couples, while saving some bedroom space when compared to a king size bed. City Mattress recommends a queen size bed as a minimum size for most adults and all couples. This is because it provides plenty of room to stretch out or move around.

King Size Beds

If you want the biggest bed available and can afford the bedroom space, a king size bed offers optimal surface room and comfort. Measuring 76”W x 80”L, two people can more than comfortably sleep in peace with spare room for pets or a child. A king size memory foam mattress will further provide excellent motion isolation, allowing freedom of movement without waking your partner. While the queen size bed remains the most popular choice on the market, there’s no substitute for the decadent roominess a king size bed provides.

California King Size Mattresses

Compared to a king size bed, a California king size bed is four inches narrower and four inches longer, at 72”W x 84”L. The California king size bed was designed in California, but didn’t catch on like the king size bed. However, some taller people prefer the increased length of a California king size bed, despite the narrower width. It’s still a foot wider than a queen size bed, for instance, while providing more legroom than a standard, or Eastern, king.

Find the Right Bed Size for You at City Mattress

City Mattress offers most of the bed sizes mentioned in this article, as well as all mattress sizes. It’s just one of the many ways we give our customers more options. Since every person is different, there is no single, right answer for all. However, we always recommend a queen size bed or larger for adult couples, while smaller bed sizes are great for kids and growing teens. 

It’s important to note that City Mattress offers free local delivery and setup with every mattress we sell, regardless of price. We’ll even haul away your old mattress for an additional charge. We believe the only thing you should worry about when shopping for a new mattress is getting better sleep. Leave the rest of the worry to City Mattress!