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Your Guide to College Dorm Bedroom Accessories and Essentials


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This Fall was like no other back-to-school season we’ve ever experienced. Yet some things never change. One of these is that a college dorm bed is not at all comfortable! It’s been a few weeks now since you’ve dropped off your son, daughter, or grandchild at their university. Now that they’ve had some time to try it out, they’re telling you the same thing! You’ve gotten phone call after phone call and text message after text message saying they can’t sleep well. 

You know how important sleep is to overall health, as well as their grades and emotional well being. You want to do something to help them sleep better on their college dorm bed, but what? We’re here to help!

The Best Mattress Topper for College Dorm Beds

Across the board, hardly any colleges or universities allow the dorm mattress to be changed out with one you bring from home, so bringing your own mattress isn’t an option. That’s okay! The dorm mattress can be made much better by adding on a new mattress topper. The best dorm mattress topper for the young adult in your life will depend on several factors, like their comfort preferences and your budget. We have several mattress pads available, both in our stores and able to be ordered online.  We sell our own mattress pad, the City Mattress Egyptian Cotton Mattress Pad. This pad is a 300 thread count cotton top that is quilted for lasting performance and double-filled for added comfort and support. If your college student is environmentally minded, the PranaSleep Organic Mattress Pad may be right for them. The SFERRA Arcadia Mattress Pad is the best of the best, because it is constructed of dozens of tiny baffles, and each chamber is filled with pluma-fil, which is a thick, fluffy, hypoallergenic down alternative. This mattress pad will help provide your young adult with the rejuvenating good night’s sleep they need and deserve.

Remember that most college dorm beds are a Twin XL. You’ll want to make sure you purchase the right size. It’ll be pretty tough to say you got the best mattress topper for a college dorm if it doesn't fit!

The Best Pillows for College Dorm Room

When trying to find out how to make a dorm bed comfortable, the next step is to add pillows. In fact, pillows are arguably just as important as the mattress. In order to choose the right college pillows, you’ll want to know which comfort they prefer, as well as their favorite material. Do they get hot when they sleep and need a cooling pillow? Do they sleep on their side? Perhaps they would like a latex pillow or a lavender scented pillow. There are so many options! They’d probably benefit from a reading pillow during their late-night study sessions. Don’t forget a great travel pillow for going back and forth from school on breaks. Of course, City Mattress has all of these options available. There are dozens of pillows choices, so there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for them!

Other Sleep Essentials

Now, their dorm mattress is more comfortable thanks to the best dorm mattress topper and you’ve also added on college pillows. What’s next? It’s time to add on comfortable and soft linens and a cozy comforter. If they stay up late and need to sleep past the sunrise, you’ll want to add a sleep mask to the order as well. The scent of the room goes a long way to creating a relaxing and calming environment, but they probably won’t be allowed to have candles in their room. You can instead opt for Hillhouse Naturals’ Fragrance Mist, available in Salt & Sea, Cashmere, Fresh Citrus, Fresh Linen, and more. Aromatherapy scented sachets are perfect to throw in their drawers. The final piece is a luxurious robe that will make them feel warm and cozy, just like they do at home.

The longer your college student goes without these bedroom essentials, the longer their sleep will suffer. Take the time this week to put together a care package and send it to them. This can be done by shopping on our website and putting their dorm as the delivery address. If you’d like our expert help picking out everything, you can also shop at one of our store locations and have us ship it to them. When they receive their new dorm items, they’ll be so thankful!