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7 Spa and Sleep Accessories for a Better Night Sleep


Man sits in comfortable white bath robe and sips morning coffee

If you’ve ever gotten a professional massage, you no doubt noticed a few things about your environment. It smelled a certain way. It was dim, but not pitch dark. There was zen-like music playing, featuring instruments and nature sounds. Your massage therapist used special lotions and oils. All of this combined for a truly out-of-the world experience that left you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to feel that way more often? With the sleep and spa accessories available through City Mattress, you can!

How Spa Bath Accessories Help You Sleep?

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for many reasons. When your body is going through your sleep cycle, it repairs itself. Important functions like cell regeneration and healing occur while you’re deeply asleep. Some days, it’s easier said than done to fall asleep and get the rest and rejuvenation you need. This is especially true if you’re stressed or have a lot going on. This is why adding certain sleep accessories and spa essentials to your evening routine can work wonders in helping improve the quality of sleep you get.

Your bedtime routine should include a lot more than scrolling on your phone until midnight. Taking a shower or bath one or two hours before bed lowers the body’s temperature and encourages healthy sleep. In the morning, you’re often rushed, so showering at night allows you to take your time and metaphorically “wash off” the day. Spa accessories make this easier to do and more effective as well.

When you’re relaxed, you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and stay asleep longer. Spa accessories make this possible!

Our Top Spa and Sleep Accessories

Creating your ideal bedroom oasis doesn’t end with a high-quality mattress. City Mattress’s sleep and spa accessories can help you get the good night’s sleep you’ve been dreaming of, as well as relaxation at home. You want your personal space, including the entire bedroom and bathroom, to look, feel, and even smell relaxing. We have the products to do just that!

Hillhouse Naturals Therapeutic Bath Salts

Wash away the day’s cares with a warm, soothing soak in a tub! Lovely crystals both soften and perfume your bathwater. These bath salts are available in a variety of scents including Fresh Linen, Cashmere, and more. When you climb out of the bath, all of your troubles and stress from the day will have melted away.

SFERRA Amira White Cotton Robe

There’s something incredibly special about getting out of the bath or shower and putting on a luxurious robe made from 100% combed cotton. The Amira Robe has a soft, plush, and absorbent feel against your skin for a truly sensory experience. You already know SFERRA makes some of the best luxury linens in the world, now you can experience the feeling right after you bathe as well!

Enchante Home Veta Turkish Bath Towel Set

The right set of luxury towels turns bathing from a mundane daily chore into a much-anticipated treat. These premium cotton towels feature long-staple Turkish fibers to deliver high absorbency and luxurious comfort that actually becomes softer with every laundering. They are both generously sized and elegantly designed, so you’re sure to love the way they look and feel!

Ebb Technologies CoolDrift Versa Sleep Unit

This is a revolutionary, ultra-portable, and versatile sleep solution- like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! This wearable sleep technology system provides calming, cooling relief to slow racing thoughts, helping you to relax and sleep better, naturally.

Hillhouse Naturals Smoothing Body Creme

For a touch of silky softness and a hint of delicate aroma, this body creme cannot be beat. Created with a velvety blend of ingredients including jojoba oil and sunflower oil, this product restores your skin’s smooth, radiant texture. Climb out of the bath, rub on your body creme, and slip into your sheets. You’re ready to drift off to sleep!

Hillhouse Naturals Oil Diffuser

Settle and calm yourself, easily and naturally. An oil diffuser provides relaxation with the gentle aroma that isn’t overpowering. The Hillhouse Naturals Diffuser is available in Salt & Sea, Cashmere, Fresh Citrus, and Fresh Linen. When you return home after a hard day at work and inhale the refreshing scent, you will feel instantly relaxed and refreshed. 

Hillhouse Naturals Woven Scented Candle

Scents are well known to relax us. From their Field + Fleur line, this soothing scented candle emits an exhilarating blend of California Lemon, Water Lily, White Jasmine, Driftwood, and Rosewater. With 80 hours of burn time, you have a lot of relaxation ahead of you!

This list is only the beginning. We have dozens of amazing spa bath accessories and other sleep products that will help you get the rest and relaxation you deserve. We encourage you to shop our online collection and find your favorite items in the scents you love the most!