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7 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Mattresses


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If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about mattresses that often. But we do! Here at City Mattress, we know mattresses are pretty amazing. With that in mind, here are seven fun, fascinating, and interesting facts about mattresses. Embrace your inner mattress geek!

Mattress origin 

The word “mattress” has Arabic origins. The root word of mattress means “to throw something down,” referring to the then-common practice of sleeping on cushions on the floor. The word was most likely brought to Europe by Crusaders. These original mattresses were filled with reeds, hay, or wool and the Romans began filling them with feathers instead.

Mattresses with ropes

Before boxsprings, people held up their mattresses with ropes. You have no doubt heard the phrase “Sleep tight!” at bedtime. This came about centuries ago when box springs hadn't been invented yet, and mattresses were held up on wooden frames by cross-woven ropes. Our familiar phrase started because people would need to consistently tighten the mattress ropes; otherwise, their mattresses would sag. Plus, getting the mattresses up off the ground greatly reduced the number of pests and rodents that would share their sleeping spaces. How interesting!

Firm isn’t always better for your back

An all-too-common myth that has been pervasive throughout the mattress industry for too long is that one comfort level is better for you than another. It is not necessarily true that firmer is better. What you need for a good night of sleep is a supportive mattress, and this support can be found in all comfort levels. It may be a soft mattress, even plush or cush, is best for your unique sleep needs.

It’s illegal to buy a mattress on Sunday

It's illegal to purchase a mattress on Sundays in Washington State. Wait- what? Really! Everyone knows the weekends are convenient mattress shopping days. However, in Washington State, it is still on the law books that it's illegal to sell or buy a mattress on Sunday. Thankfully, the law isn't strictly enforced.

Every mattress is required to be flame retardant

A lot of care goes into creating your mattress beyond just making it comfortable and supportive. Years ago, there were too many fires being caused by candles, neglected cigarettes, and other bedroom hazards. Since 2007, every mattress needs to comply with flammability rules. This essentially means that all mattresses need to stand up to thirty seconds of open flame. Just don't test this at home!

Your child’s mattress matters- a lot

 Just like for adults, having a comfortable and supportive mattress plays a big role for children in getting the kind of deep, restorative sleep that their growing minds and bodies need. Some of the benefits of regular quality sleep for children include improving their behavior, helping them focus at school, and staying at a healthy weight.

Some experts don’t want you to make your bed

 Don’t tell your mom about this one! While a tidy mattress makes your room look better, one Kingston University study found that an unmade bed might be a little healthier. The thought behind it is that when you make your bed and cover the mattress with the comforter, sweat and moisture is trapped and creates the ideal environment for dust mites. Leaving sheets exposed to the air and sunlight dries out the environment, which helps to kill off mites.

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