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A Guest-Approved Guide to the Best Mattresses for Guest Rooms


A Guest-Approved Guide to the Best Mattresses for Guest Rooms

Selecting the perfect mattress for your guest room is an important task. In our comprehensive guide, we explore the essentials of creating an inviting sleep sanctuary for your visitors. From the snug fit of a small space to the indulgent expanse of a large room, we’ll uncover the best mattress options vetted by those who matter most — guests. Prepare to discover how the best mattress for a guest room can elevate the hospitality experience.

Setting Up Your Guest Bedroom

When choosing the best mattress for a guest room, it’s important to consider the primary purpose of the space. A dedicated guest room has different requirements compared to a multi-use space. The frequency of use and specific needs of your guests also play roles in determining the most suitable mattress.

Dedicated Guest Room

For a dedicated guest room that is used primarily for sleeping, guests appreciate it when you prioritize comfort and invest in a larger, high-quality mattress. A spacious room can comfortably house a queen or king-size bed, allowing for a luxury mattress that ensures your guests enjoy a deep and restful sleep. Here, the mattress can be a statement piece, reflecting the care you’ve put into your guests’ comfort, without the need to consider the multifunctionality of the space.

Multi-Use Space

On the other hand, multi-use spaces demand flexibility. Sleeper sofas or futons become practical choices, offering a bed when needed and seating space during the day. Many guests also report enjoying murphy beds. They are also excellent for multi-use rooms because they provide the full comfort of a traditional bed and can be stored vertically against the wall, freeing up valuable floor space. These options are particularly suited for rooms that do double duty, where the functionality needs to change from day to night or when unexpected guests arrive.

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Occasional vs. Long-Term Use

Considering the frequency of use is equally important. Mattresses for occasional use can be more basic yet still provide comfort for a night or two. However, guests who stay for longer periods advise that it’s worthwhile to choose a hybrid mattress or a memory foam mattress that offers enhanced support and longevity. These higher-quality types cater to a broader range of sleeping styles and are particularly beneficial for side sleepers, as they provide additional cushioning for hips and shoulders, ensuring a pain-free morning after. The added quality also ensures the longevity of your mattress as well. 

Special Guest Considerations

Understanding your guests’ needs can help in selecting the right mattress. For instance, couples say they appreciate a larger queen bed, even if it makes the room feel a little cramped. On the other hand, if you’re more likely to host individuals, the coziness of a smaller, comfortable mattress like a double is said to be just fine. Features like cooling technology, hypoallergenic materials or reinforced edge support can cater to specific preferences and enhance your guests’ sleep experience and are well-received by all those we chatted with. By considering these aspects, you can equip your guest room with a mattress that not only fits the space but also offers a welcoming retreat to every visitor.

Guest Bedroom Mattress Size Options

Guest Bedroom Mattress Size Options and Popularity

Choosing the right mattress for a guest room involves considering both the size of the room and the comfort of your guests. The best mattress for a guest room strikes a balance between providing ample space for sleepers and fitting comfortably within the room’s dimensions. Let’s delve into why the queen size is often the go-to choice and explore other options that might suit your space.

Queen Size Mattress

Most guests tell us that the queen mattress is generally their preferred choice for a guest room stay. This is because of its generous sleeping area that doesn’t overwhelm room size. A queen-size mattress ensures that most guests will have enough room to sleep comfortably without the bed dominating the guest bedroom.

Comfort for Singles or Couples

The size is ideal for one or two people, making it a versatile mattress for various guest configurations.

Room Fit

It fits well in medium-sized rooms, providing a comfortable mattress without making the space feel cramped.


Among the best mattresses available, queen options often offer a balance between quality and cost, giving you a luxury mattress feel without the premium price tag.

Twin XL Mattresses

While not a top choice for most guests, twin XL mattresses are best for guest rooms with limited space or when accommodating one person. They can also be a good choice if the guest room doubles as an office or multi-use space.


Often more affordable mattress options, they make sense for budget-conscious buyers.


They allow for more room for other furniture or activities in multi-purpose guest rooms.

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Full-Size Mattress

A full-size mattress can be a snug fit for couples but is ample for a single sleeper, striking a balance between a twin XL and a queen. Given the choice between going smaller or opting for a full size, guests all indicated they preferred more space. 

Comfort Upgrade

These offer more room to move compared to a twin, making them a comfortable mattress for active sleepers.

Moderate Room Fit

These work well in small to medium-sized rooms, providing a great mattress experience for guests without requiring a large space.

King and California King Mattresses

A king-size mattress and a California king-size mattress are less common in guest rooms but are always well-received. Most guests were surprised to see them but said they are the top choice and should be considered the best guest room mattress for hosts looking to provide a luxury mattress experience in a large space.

Spacious Luxury

Kings offer plenty of room for guests to sleep comfortably, even for those who prefer more personal space.

Consider Room Size

They are best suited for larger guest rooms, ensuring the bed doesn't overcrowd the space.

Guest Bedroom Mattress Choice by Size of Room

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Guest Bedroom Mattress Choice by Size of Room

The size of your guest room is generally a deciding factor when selecting the perfect mattress. Not only does it affect the bed size, but it also influences the type of mattress you can accommodate and your guests’ overall experience in the space. Whether your guest room is small, medium, large or even a flex space with multiple uses, there’s a mattress solution that can provide comfort without compromising on style or functionality.

Small Guest Bedrooms

In small guest bedrooms, most guests advise that the efficient use of space is key. When it comes to beds for small spaces, a double bed offers adequate space for a couple, while maintaining a manageable footprint within the room. Alternatively, dual Twin XL beds provide the ultimate in flexibility — they can be pushed together for couples or separated and positioned against the walls to maximize the central floor area for single guests. 

When selecting a mattress for these bed setups, consider a model that’s not too heavy, facilitating easy cleaning and rearrangement of the room as needed. This thoughtful approach ensures your guest room can adapt to different visitors while still offering a comfortable sleep experience.

Medium Guest Bedrooms

In medium-sized guest bedrooms, the choice of mattress size has a significant impact on both comfort and aesthetics. A full or queen-sized mattress is usually the ideal fit, striking the right balance between providing a spacious sleeping surface and leaving enough room for other furniture. Such sizes ensure that your guests can relax without the space feeling too tight or cluttered. But given the choice, guests tell us that hosts should always go for the queen-size bed if they can. The added length makes it a much more comfortable sleep for adults. 

When it comes to selecting the type of mattress for these rooms, you have more leeway to opt for more luxurious options. A higher-profile hybrid mattress or a pillow top mattress can add a touch of sophistication and enhanced comfort to the guest experience. These rooms can comfortably accommodate the extra height and structure of these mattresses, contributing to an upscale feel without compromising on space.

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Large Guest Bedrooms

When it comes to large guest bedrooms, the spacious area allows for an array of mattress options that can cater to any guest’s preference. The expansive floor plan is perfect for a queen, king or California king-sized bed, providing ample space for guests to enjoy a generous sleeping surface. King-size beds, in particular, accommodate couples or guests who appreciate the extra room to stretch out and enjoy ultimate comfort.

The additional space in these rooms also means you can consider a variety of mattress types without concern for cramping the style or usability of the room. An innerspring mattress can offer traditional support and bounce, while the best memory foam mattress might be chosen for its pressure-relieving qualities. To elevate the luxury even further, adding a mattress topper can transform a good rest into a sumptuous sleep experience, making your guest room a haven of relaxation and comfort.

Flex Spaces

Flex spaces, such as a home office or playroom, necessitate furnishings that are both functional and space-saving. Sleeper sofas and futons offer a practical solution, serving as comfortable seating or workspace during the day and transforming into cozy beds at night. These options are ideal for maintaining the room’s versatility without sacrificing guest comfort. Guests urge hosts to ensure they’re equipped with the best mattress for a futon or sofa bed, so the sofa bed or futon will be more comfortable.

Murphy beds are another option that elevates the functionality of multi-use rooms by folding up into the wall when not needed, thus freeing up floor space for other activities. They’re popular with guests as they can be outfitted with comfortable mattresses that are on the same level as traditional beds in terms of support and comfort. Murphy beds, futons and sleeper sofas are smart choices for flex spaces, ensuring these rooms are ready to adapt to your changing needs, whether it’s hosting guests or daily activities.

Guest Bedroom Mattress Types

Guest Bedroom Mattress Types

Selecting the appropriate mattress type for your guest bedroom involves understanding the various mattress options available for purchase. The best mattress for a guest room should cater to a wide range of sleep preferences while ensuring the utmost comfort for your guests. Here, we’ll explore the differences between mattress types and how they translate to guest comfort.

Innerspring Mattresses

Bounce and Support

These mattresses are known for their supportive bounce, thanks to the coil system they’re built upon.

Noise and Motion Transfer

A downside is that they can be noisy and may not isolate motion well, which could be a concern for guests who share the bed.


High-quality innerspring mattresses are durable, making them a good long-term investment for a guest room mattress.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Pressure Relief

They are excellent for contouring to the body and providing pressure relief where it’s needed most.

Low Motion Transfer

Memory foam is also beneficial for guests as it minimizes motion transfer, allowing for undisturbed sleep.

Heat Retention

One factor to consider is that they can retain heat, which might be uncomfortable for some guests.

Latex Mattresses

Comfort and Eco-friendliness

Latex mattresses offer a unique comfort that is both responsive and supportive, with natural latex being an eco-friendly option.


These mattresses are known for their durability and can be a great luxury mattress choice for a guest room.


The high quality of latex mattresses is reflected in their price, which is typically higher than other types.

Hybrid Mattresses

Balanced Comfort

Hybrids aim to provide the best of both worlds, combining the firm support of coils with the soft pressure relief of foam or latex.

Motion Isolation

They offer excellent motion isolation, which is ideal when your guest room is used by couples.


The innerspring core allows for better airflow, helping to keep sleepers cool throughout the night.

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Mattress Comfort Levels for Guest Bedrooms

When furnishing a guest bedroom, selecting a mattress with the ideal comfort level is essential. The comfort level of a mattress is a subjective measure of its firmness or softness. This is particularly important in a guest room setting, where the mattress must suit a variety of sleepers. 

A medium-firm mattress is the most popular choice for the guests that we spoke with. This is because it offers a versatile sleeping surface that can accommodate a wide range of sleep preferences and body types. Mattress firmness is typically rated on a scale from 1 to 10. A medium-firm mattress usually falls between 6 and 7 on this scale, providing a balance of support and cushioning. 

Medium-firmness mattresses make an excellent choice for guest bedrooms for a number of reasons:


Medium-firm mattresses are adaptable and can comfortably support different sleep positions, including side, back and stomach sleepers.

Supportive and Comfortable

They are firm enough to support the lumbar region, yet soft enough to cushion pressure points.

Widely Preferred

This firmness level is generally preferred by the majority of sleepers, making it a safe bet for your guests.

Final Thoughts on the Ideal Mattress for Guest Bedrooms

Hosting guests is an art and, like any good artist, you need the right tools. In this case, the tools are knowledge and the right mattress. Armed with insights directly from guest experiences, you’re now poised to create a guest room that will be the highlight of their stay. Remember, the foundation of memorable hospitality lies in comfort — choose a mattress that reflects this, and you’re guaranteed to offer a delightful experience. Let the advice of guests guide your choice, and you’ll master the art of hosting.


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