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How to Choose the Best Hybrid Mattress


Man lays across hybrid mattress in his home during the day

Shopping for a new mattress can get overwhelming if you’re not careful. It doesn’t have to be this way! In fact, when you shop at City Mattress, we guarantee it won't be. Not only do we offer exceptional in-store customer service that allows you to choose the absolute best new mattress for you, but we also make it our mission to educate you on the mattress industry as much as possible beforehand. Today, we want to talk with you about a fantastic option you may not have yet considered: buying a new hybrid mattress. 

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

Before we go any further helping you find the best hybrid mattress, let’s first discuss what a hybrid mattress is. Years ago, all mattresses were made from metal springs. Then in the 1960’s, memory foam was invented by NASA and eventually made its way into being a popular mattress option. Memory foam mattresses are well known for body hugging comfort. The material's ability to displace pressure from your body’s joints lead to a reduction in aches and pains. You sink right into the foam, enveloping you in cozy comfort. As great as these two mattress options are, each comes with some features that some people find displeasing. Some time ago, memory foam mattresses were known to make people get too warm as they slept. For some, innerspring mattresses don’t have enough “give.” This had led to the creation of a third fantastic option. Hybrid mattress combines the benefits of the two other types, making many sleepers feel like they’re getting the best of both!

A hybrid car is one that uses gasoline for long trips but can switch to electric power for short trips and driving at low speeds. It uses two kinds of fuel. This same mentality applies to hybrid mattresses. A hybrid mattress is a mattress that uses two or more different types of materials. Most often, a hybrid mattress combines an innerspring mattress with a memory foam mattress. 

3 Tips for Finding Your Best Hybrid Mattress

Now you know the hybrid mattress meaning and you’re ready to get shopping. But, how? In fact, even though a hybrid mattress is pretty new technology, the way to shop for one is no different than finding any other great mattress. Simply follow a few mattress shopping tips and you’re sure to find a hybrid mattress you love:

Look for a reputable name brand.

We have many hybrid options for you, including those from top name brands. We feel that this is the best place to start your search. A name brand known for high-quality construction means your new mattress will be expertly crafted, comfortable, supportive, and durable. You can’t go wrong with any brand who has successfully made high-quality mattresses for generations, even if they weren’t hybrids in years past. With a reputation like that, you know your mattress will be exceptional.

Make sure it’s supportive.

You can’t get the restful sleep you need if you aren’t being supported! No matter which comfort level you prefer, you can still have a mattress that supports you as you slumber. The right amount of support helps you avoid any type of back or neck pain or joint soreness in the morning. You’re looking for a hybrid mattress that provides support for your natural curves and the alignment of your spine. While you sit, stand, or walk, your spine isn’t completely straight. It also shouldn’t have a major curve in it. Your spine has natural curves that form an “S” shape, and the best-made mattresses are those that are designed to keep this form. They are also great for side sleepers.

Find one that is comfortable.

You may think comfort and support are the opposite of one another, but in the mattress industry they are one in the same. The innersprings are there for support, and the memory foam is there for comfort- making a hybrid mattress your best option for achieving both. In fact, the reason hybrid mattresses are so popular is because they are so comfortable! That being said, comfort is different for everyone. What may feel too firm to you is perfect for someone else, and what is too soft and conforming to them is ideal for yet another person. This is why we offer so many comfort options! There’s the SleepInc 10 Hybrid Medium Firm Mattress, the Simmons Beautyrest Black Hybrid 'X' Class Ultra Plush Mattress, and dozens more in between!

Hybrid Mattress Reviews

It’s often helpful to hear what real consumers just like you have to say about their mattresses. We regularly get hybrid mattress reviews from sleepers who love their new mattress! Just a few recent examples include:

Paulina, TEMPUR Adapt Medium Hybrid Mattress

"The medium hybrid is super comfortable. I highly recommend it!"

Butch, TEMPUR ProAdapt Firm Mattress

"The Tempur Pro Adapt Hybrid mattress is very comfortable. You don't feel like you're stuck in quicksand. It's easy to move and change positions, very comfortable and not hot. Love it."

John, Beautyrest Hybrid Brx1000-C Mattress

"This new hybrid mattress feels firm yet accommodating. Nice sturdy with a subtle cooling effect enables me to get more deep sleep." 

Kymba, TEMPUR-Adapt Medium Hybrid Mattress

"I adjusted to this hybrid mattress in no time at all, very comfortable, and I sleep cooler at night... Highly Recommended!"

Miguel, Beautyrest Black Hybrid 'X' Class Medium Mattress

"I got this bed in December and would not trade it for anything. The bed is firm yet soft, I did not want a bed where you sink in when laying down. Just like the name it is a medium firm and I find it very comfortable by being a hybrid. I feel you get the best of all the options available out there."

Hybrid mattresses are quickly becoming one of the most popular mattress types as more and more people learn of their benefits. If you’re ready to feel one for yourself, we invite you to come to City Mattress and lie down on one, two, or many hybrid mattress options! We have a variety of hybrid mattresses, made from top brands like Casper and Tempur-Pedic. Simmons Beautyrest has an entire collection of hybrid mattresses, meaning you can choose a hybrid and have the option of Plush, Medium, Medium Firm, or Firm comfort feel. With a selection like this, you’re sure to find one you absolutely love!