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Our Favorite Nightstand Lamps (and Why You Want One!)


Nightstand Lamp

We’ve spoken before about how you want your bedroom to be cool, dark, and quiet. This is advice for when you’re sleeping, though. What about when you’re reading a book in bed? You want the perfect nightstand lamp

Here at City Mattress, we sell everything you could possibly need to outfit your bedroom. This begins with a comfortable and supportive mattress, of course, but it doesn’t end there! We also have pillows, linens, and bedroom furniture right down to the accent pieces and lamps. Anything and everything you want to create your perfect bedroom can be found all in the same place!

Why You Want a Nightstand Lamp

The lighting in your bedroom is incredibly important to getting a great night of sleep. Remember, lighting affects your circadian rhythm. The right lighting is also important for setting an ambiance, decorating, brightening a space, or giving a bright light when a person is reading. Whether someone wants to read as part of their nightly bedtime routine, turn off the last bit of light for the night from bed, or simply make their bedroom look fabulous, the right lamp can make it possible! 

A Few of our Favorite Nightstand Lamps

We sell nightstand lamp options from two top brands, LumiSource and  Nova Lighting. Some of our lighting options incorporate convenience features, including USB ports, touch dimmers, and adjustable extension arms for a modern update to this classic home accessory. Innovative, purposeful, and distinctive, these lighting options provide a more comfortable and functional room environment. A few of our top recommendations include:

LumiSource Trophy Industrial Metal Table Lamp

Talk about style and class! This unique nightstand lamp lights up the area with a modern industrial flair. It features a sturdy silhouette and clean-lined design. You are sure to love the pull chain, round metal base and tubular body, finished in either Antique Brass or Gunmetal with subtle texturing. The black linen drum shade houses two light sources and easily blends into most color palettes. It’s bold, masculine, and luxurious- all at the same time!

LumiSource Glacier Contemporary Metal And Glass Table Lamp

This gorgeous nightstand lamp exemplifies classic-contemporary design. With a streamlined cylindrical silhouette, this modern table lamp features a sleek brushed nickel metal interior, surrounded by a clear glass column for decorative depth and dimension. The simple and clean gray fabric drum shade diffuses the illumination for a warm glow beside your bed.

LumiSource Icicle Contemporary Table Lamp

Maybe you have a unique and fashion-forward interior decor style. You want a nightstand lamp that is like nothing else. The Icicle Contemporary Table Lamp is the right lamp for you! Available in Icicle Gold or Icicle Brushed Nickel, this nightstand lamp is anything but ordinary. With heights ranging from 15-inches to 21.25-inches, this ultra-modern lamp features a trio of crisscrossing cylindrical metal rod arms, grounded by a clean-lined base and topped with three frosted glass shades to house the included halogen light bulbs. It is sure to bring you joy every time you see it illuminating your bedroom with its contemporary stalactite design.

Nova Lighting Moonlight Sky Fabric Table Lamp

Made by Nova Lighting in California, this lamp is just as beautiful as it is functional. Emitting soft accent lighting, this decorative lamp in sky blue features luxurious linen at the base and drum-shaped shade, offering a natural, contemporary aesthetic. It is perfect for nightstands and end tables because you are able to easily adjust the degree of brightness with its dimmable switch.

While some people may see a new lamp as nothing more than an accessory, we see it as a purchase towards your health and happiness. If you read our blog often, you know how important it is to have a nightly routine that includes calming activities instead of screen time. This means the lighting in your bedroom is incredibly important! Once you begin shopping on our website, you’ll see how convenient it is to find your favorite nightstand lamp! No matter what your bedroom style is, our online collection is so vast that you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.