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Queen vs. Full Mattress – What’s the Difference?


Couple sets up new mattress in bedroom after choosing between queen and full size mattresses

Chances are you’re aware that a queen size mattress is larger than a full size mattress. However, understanding this size difference in practical terms can go a long way in helping you decide which mattress is right for you. In this article, we’ll break down what makes these mattress sizes popular and how to determine which is best for your personal sleep experience.

Full Mattress Size

A full mattress measures 54”W x 75”L. The width allows enough room for most adults to rest comfortably, as long as it’s a single adult. Two adults will find little room to move, so comfort is suboptimal. A full size mattress has enough length to fit adults of average height, but a 6’ tall person has only 3 inches of extra head or foot space available. 

Queen Mattress Size

Compared to a full, a queen mattress has more space all around. At 60”W x 80”L, there’s considerably more room to spread out and get comfy. With 6 inches of extra width, couples can sleep comfortably whether cuddled or apart. For taller sleepers, 80 inches of length provides much more space at the head and feet. A King size mattress may be right for you if you need something larger. Queen size is the most popular mattress size as highlighted in our recent dedicated queen mattress article, so you'll find yourself in good company if you decide to go with a Queen.

Does Size Change the Price?

As you might expect, the larger a mattress is, the more materials and work go into it. This means that a queen size mattress of the same brand and model will cost more than its full size counterpart. However, the price difference usually isn’t enough to be the deciding factor. In fact, in most cases the difference can be as little as $50 and often no more than $200, so most mattress shoppers will decide more on size than price. 

Don’t Overlook Your Bedroom Space

While your first thought may be how your new bed or mattress will fit you, you’ll also want to consider how much space is available in your bedroom. For a smaller bedroom, a full size mattress may allow more room to move around, since it has 6 inches less width and 5 inches less length. If bedroom space is not a concern, a queen size mattress will provide the most comfort for your money.

If a Queen is More Ideal, Why Buy a Full Size Mattress?

Everyone’s lifestyle is different. A full size mattress is an excellent choice for a child moving into the teen years, as there’s plenty of room to grow. In fact, as mentioned previously, a single adult can sleep comfortably on a full size mattress, provided height is not an issue. A full size mattress is also a great option for guest rooms, which typically are not as large as the master bedroom. While it won’t provide optimal sleep comfort, a full size guest bed can still sleep two adults during a visit.

Is There a Difference in Quality?

Any mattress that offers both a queen and full size option will have the same quality build. They share the same materials and workmanship, just at different dimensions. Furthermore, there are many fantastic selections available in either size. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples of great mattresses available in either queen or full size. For a side by side comparison, you can open each link in a new tab. The full list of differences can be found in our companion article: The Difference Between a Queen and Full Mattress May Not Be What You Think.

PranaSleep Karma Sky Super Plush Mattress

For a blissfully soft sleep experience, you can’t go wrong with this mattress. It features hybrid technology, mixing firm innerspring support with comfort layers of Talalay latex. This means there’s still great support for spinal alignment while simultaneously providing pressure relief for side sleepers. Latex offers natural durability and wear resistance, while sleeping cooler than traditional memory foam.

Queen size PranaSleep Karma Sky Super Plush Mattress

Full size PranaSleep Karma Sky Super Plush Mattress

Simmons Beautyrest Colfax Medium Plush Mattress

A budget-friendly option that uses traditional innerspring technology, this mattress builds on the support coils with various comfort foam layers to provide a medium firm sleep experience. It includes cooling technology at the mattress surface to help keep your sleep temperature right where you want it. With enhanced edge support, you’ll find consistent support from edge to edge.

Queen size Simmons Beautyrest Colfax Medium Plush Mattress

Full size Simmons Beautyrest Colfax Medium Plush Mattress

The More You Know

In this article, you learned the key considerations between a queen size mattress and a full size mattress. You also learned that price is rarely a factor when deciding between them. Bedroom space is always something to keep in mind, and full size mattresses are great for growing kids. City Mattress has a huge selection of mattresses available in both sizes, so let us guide you to the right mattress for you!