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Mattress Talk: Long Live the Queen


Queen mattress with white bedding and an aqua blanket sits in a well-lit guest room

If you’re searching for a new mattress, chances are you’ve seen a lot of queen size mattresses. That’s because the queen is the most popular mattress size in the industry, though the king is a close second. Once you decide whether a king or queen mattress is best for you or comparing with a Full mattress, it’s time to focus in on your choices. In this article, it’s all about the queen!

Queen mattress size

A standard queen mattress measures 60”W x 80”L, which means it’s narrower than a king, and much wider than a full (or double). While king mattresses generally cost more than their queen counterparts, many shoppers make their decision based on how much space is available for the bed. A queen size mattress offers plenty of width for most couples while taking up less usable space (by over a foot!) in your bedroom. 

Choosing the right queen mattress for you

When it comes to your sleep, size isn’t everything. It’s important to consider your personal sleep needs and which mattress type or material will be the best match. Queen mattresses come in a variety of types and materials, each providing specific qualities for your best night’s slumber. To help you find the right fit for you, City Mattress provides a softness scale from 1 (firmest) to 10 (softest) for every mattress we offer.


If you prefer to feel uninhibited and sleep “on top” of your mattress, our firm options may be right for you. A Firm comfort layer allows your body to stay cooler (as more of the body is exposed to air) and provides excellent support for back or stomach sleepers. In fact, people who suffer from back pain often find that a firmer mattress can help. Side sleepers, on the other hand, may feel too much pressure on their shoulders and hips, which results in tossing and turning. Mattresses in this category often rate less than 5 on the softness scale.


Perhaps you want to feel hugged by your mattress, like you’re sleeping on the surface of a cloud. Pillow tops provide that feeling in addition to a warmer experience, as less of the body is exposed to air. Many side sleepers find that a pillow top mattress relieves shoulder and hip pressure, which allows them to sleep in optimal comfort. Mattresses in this category often rate greater than 5 on the softness scale.

The middle road

If you want more support without sacrificing pressure relief, Plush mattresses may be the answer. Plush tops add a soft layer to an otherwise firm mattress, making a good compromise for couples with different needs. When shopping plush top mattresses, bear in mind that the variety of materials available result in varied results on the softness scale – some will be a little softer or firmer than 5.

How much does a queen size mattress cost?

As you might expect, queen mattresses vary a great deal in price, according to their features and materials, but City Mattress offers a wide array of options – we can help you find the right mattress to fit your budget. We’ll take a look at choices for less than $1000, followed by a few that highlight the best sleep technologies.

Under $1000

The following are just a few examples of quality queen size mattresses for less than $1000, all adjustable base friendly:

Over $1000

There are so many queen size mattresses in this category that it’s difficult to go wrong. Here we list a few adjustable base friendly options that are sure to catch your eye.

Why City Mattress?

City Mattress has a wide array of queen size mattresses, representing every sleep technology in the industry. In addition, we have the trained staff to help you find what you need. Let us take the guesswork out of finding your next mattress!