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Serta iComfort vs Tempur-Pedic: Which is the Right Mattress for You?


 Serta vs. Tempur-Pedic

Have you ever said, “My bed is so comfortable I fall asleep faster and stay asleep”? If not, it may be because you aren’t sleeping on the right mattress. This glowing review is exactly what Andy and Nancy V. told us recently about their Serta iComfort hybrid mattress. Isn’t it time you experienced a truly amazing mattress like this and woke up refreshed? We think it is! The only question is, which brand is right for you? Sure, it may be Serta like it was for Andy and Nancy. For other sleepers, a Tempur-Pedic mattress is a better choice.

Serta iComfort Beds

Are Serta iComfort beds a good mattress? You better believe it! Serta is the leading mattress provider in the United States. When looking at the amazing design and technology that goes into each mattress, it is easy to see why these Serta mattresses are so popular. Serta iComfort mattresses range from luxuriously soft to extra firm. Beyond just the comfort feel, there’s other factors to look into. Serta hybrid mattresses are a combination of cooling foam and state-of-the-art steel coils. These strong, durable coils provide maximum support while you sleep. Now, you can get all the perks in one bed- cooling technology, deep down support, and cradling comfort!

At any given time, we have multiple Serta mattress options to choose from. The Serta iComfort CF1000 Medium Mattress is one you’ll certainly want to consider. It is extremely popular, and we consistently hear rave reviews about it. Just recently, Cindy E. said “So far, this mattress has been great and as advertised! To do it all over again, I would make the same choice!!” At the very top of the lineup is the Serta iComfort Foam CF4000. This mattress features layers of Carbon Fiber Memory Foam paired with the UltraCold System™ to help channel heat away from your body. The exclusive Air Support™ Foam contours to your body and helps to relieve aches and pain caused by pressure points. 

A Bit About Tempur-Pedic 

Whether you like a soft mattress or firm support each night, a Tempur-Pedic mattress is a fantastic choice. A Tempur-Pedic will conform to your body, reducing uncomfortable pressure points while you sleep. In fact, Tempur-Pedic’s foam mattresses are specifically designed to help you get a good night’s sleep. How do they do it? They are not made from memory foam but rather thick layers of “Tempur,” millions of moveable cells that were designed to respond to your body’s weight, shape, position, and temperature. This was all done in order to maximize comfort.

The entire Tempur-Pedic lineup are great mattresses! That is why we’re proud to sell them here at City Mattress. We have a wide range of Tempur-Pedic choices, including the very cool Luxe Breeze, the incredibly cushiony Luxe Adapt Soft, and the top-of-the-line Tempur-Pedic Contour Elite Breeze

Serta vs Tempur-Pedic

When looking for a hybrid mattress, you will want to begin your search with the Serta brand. If you get too warm when you sleep, you’ll enjoy the Serta iComfort Foam CF4000. The CF4000 is one of the coolest iComfort models ever! Perhaps you’re tired of your partner waking you up and so the Deep Reaction Memory Foam in Serta iComfort mattresses is the right fit.  

Some sleepers don’t like the feeling of being deep in foam. Remember, your comfort preference is a personal choice! When your body feels too much pressure on a certain spot, you wake up and roll over. Because a Tempur-Pedic mattress reduces the need to move around so much, you can find the right sleeping position and stay there. Unlike regular memory foam, Tempur is long-lasting and incredibly resilient. This means it will continue to return to its original shape, and your mattress will feel brand new, night after night.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to comfort and sleep. Which is a better mattress Serta or Tempur-Pedic? The choice is yours!

Here’s What Real Customers Have to Say

At City Mattress, we love hearing feedback from our customers once they’ve gotten the chance to sleep on their new mattresses. Serta has been committed to providing a fantastic night of sleep for almost 100 years! Because a Serta iComfort memory foam mattress is so great, we consistently get glowing Serta mattress reviews. Just this week, Sandra P. told us her Serta iComfort mattress is the “Best mattress. Excellent!” Patrick O. told us “It is without a doubt the best sleep I have had in a very long time.”

Of course, Tempur-Pedic has devoted fans of its own because the benefits of choosing a Tempur-Pedic mattress are plentiful. Recently, Tom M. told us this about his Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt Medium Mattress “I purchased the Tempur Pro Adapt due to numerous years of back pain. This mattress is a game changer. I no longer wake up with pain in my lower back.”

Try out Both Options at City Mattress

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you may soon realize there are a lot of options. With all of these choices come many questions. Don’t worry; the City Mattress Sleep Experts are here to help! That being said, the only person who can settle the Serta iComfort vs Tempur-Pedic debate for you... is you! We sell many mattresses from each of these brands every year. Overall, our customers are very satisfied with both. 

While we hope this information helps you differentiate the two, you may have a better idea of the best mattress for you by coming into a City Mattress store and feeling each one. Just a few minutes on top of each is all you need to feel the difference and make a decision you’ll be happy with.


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