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Small Bedroom Office Combo Ideas for Remote Workers


Small bedroom with office computer desk and chair next to the bed with artwork on walls

Over the past year and half, much of our lives has changed pretty drastically. Probably nowhere is this more apparent than how we’re all working. According to telecommuting statistics in 2018, there were 4.3 million remote workers in the USA, which made up 3.2% of the entire workforce. It is now estimated by researchers that 1 in 4 Americans (over 26%) is working remotely through 2021. They also estimate that 22% of the workforce (36.2 million Americans) will work remotely for the foreseeable future. This is a huge jump!

Millions of people switched to remote work with little to no notice, which means all of those people had to designate a new workspace with the living arrangement they already had. For people without an extra room, their bedroom took on double duty as the new “office.”

How to Have a Bedroom Office Without Ruining Your Night of Sleep

In years past, experts have advised against using your bedroom for any type of work. It makes sense that it is nearly impossible to fall asleep and sleep well if you’re literally right next to your work computer. For many people now, though, it’s no longer an option. The best thing to do is take steps to ensure it doesn’t interfere with your healthy sleep.

 If you do not have the luxury of a home office down the hall, your small bedroom needs to multitask. To keep work from encroaching too far into your sleep sanctuary, see if there's a way to set off your desk in an existing niche. If there’s a nook around the corner you can’t see from your bed, this would be great. Some people are even turning their walk-in closet into their workspace so they can literally close the door on it at night. However you’re able to manage it, find a way to designate the two areas and hide your workspace at night. When you don't see it, you can fully rest and relax.

Small Bedroom Office Combo Ideas

If your bedroom is now a bedroom/office combination, you’ll want to make the space as efficient and functional as possible, without losing any of the calming qualities you need in a sleep space. Here’s a few ways to do that: 

Choose a chair with versatility

Any piece of furniture that can do double duty is going to be key in saving space. Shop for a desk chair that can switch from office to bedroom mode at night. If you’re reading before bed as part of your nightly bedtime routine, this chair could meet both needs. Just keep in mind that a desk chair should not only look good but also support your lower back and keep your arms and hands in ergonomic alignment.

Store office supplies wisely

Electronic bells, whistles, and cords are sleep disruptors. Your first task is to get rid of any cables or gear you no longer need. Choose a desk with drawers, which will help keep the work surface as clear as possible of clutter. If you have too much to hide in the desk, stash surplus office supplies in a basket on a nearby shelf or in the closet. Instead of filling your desk top with pens, paper, and other work items, use any spare room on the desk to hold things of beauty that actually make you happy. This could be a cherished photo, piece of artwork, or a leafy plant that improves your sleep. Remember, you’re working in your bedroom, not sleeping in your office. There’s a big difference!

Hang heavy curtains

Your new office is now your go-to place for taking calls, being on video meetings, answering emails, and actually getting work done. This means it needs to be quiet! Blackout curtains do more than keep the sunlight out of your room. They keep noise out too! When closed, they help to absorb any noise that leaks through the glass. We offer several beautiful and functional options, like curtains made by Ann Gish, Intelligent Design, and Sun Smart. These curtains are offered in any color or print you can imagine! 

Ensure you have adequate lighting 

There’s nothing more demoralizing than trying to work in a dim space lit up by only fluorescent lighting. The right lighting is important for your eyes, productivity, and mood. Opt for bright but warm overhead lights, a desk lamp, or both. You’ll want to avoid lighting that causes a glare on your computer screen, so we recommend placing a great lamp behind the screen. We sell many table lamps on our website that are perfect for this. The Nova Lighting Moonlight Sky Fabric Table Lamp and Nova Lighting Ibis Satin Nickel Table Lamp are two of our favorites, but we have dozens more choices. There’s sure to be one that matches your bedroom decor perfectly. 

In an ideal world, nothing mars the serenity of the place where you sleep. Here in real life, however, bedrooms often need to handle more than just your rest and relaxation. Claim control over your time and set clear lines, both mentally and physically, between your personal and professional life by hiding your desk if possible. If not, silencing email notifications and not responding outside of office hours is absolutely essential. 

We hope these small bedroom office combo ideas help not only make your space more practical, but also allow you to get the sleep you need when the work day is over.