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Your Complete Mattress Brand Guide: Simmons Beautyrest


Woman wrapped in dark red blanket stands in front of her new Simmons Beautyrest mattress with black and white pillows and bedding

When looking for a new mattress, a great way to begin is by hearing what others have to say about their recent purchase. Just a few months ago, William H told us that "Our new Beautyrest Black Hybrid X-Class mattress is the most comfortable we’ve ever owned." Clearly, the Beautyrest mattress brand is worth looking into if you’re in the market for a new mattress. We’re here to tell you anything and everything you need to know about Simmons Beautyrest. Let’s go ahead and take a deep dive in!

Company History

Talk about a well-established company! The humble beginnings of this world-wide mattress company began with an idea by Zalmon G. Simmons all the way back in 1876. He wanted to manufacture and mass produce the woven wire mattress. At this point, they were possible to make but very expensive. In 1889, he created a manufacturing process that allowed the price of his new mattresses to drop for $12 a piece to a mere 95 cents. A healthy, comfortable night of sleep was now well within the financial means of the average person.

This isn’t the only incredible piece of history from this storied brand. Did you know there were Beautyrest mattresses on the Titanic? John Franklin Gail, one of the best engineers Simmons had, invented a machine to coil and wrap individual coils without the use of manual labor, significantly decreasing the cost of wrapped coils. This machine led to the unique Pocketed Coil design, which kept the springs in a mattress separate from each other rather than attached. These wrapped springs allowed for the springs in a bed to move independent of each other, making sleeping with another person much more bearable. With this, the Simmons Beautyrest mattress was born. It was so popular, it was promoted by Eleanor Roosevelt!

In the late 1950’s, Simmons was the first mattress retailer to introduce King and Queen size mattresses into American culture. When you stop to think about it, the history of the Simmons mattress company is really the history of the modern mattress! Since the beginning, Simmons has been dedicated to creating the most innovative mattresses for maximum comfort. They’re still doing this today, all these years later.

Collections Overview & Key Features: Harmony Lux

The Simmons Beautyrest Harmony Lux Carbon series is a line of high-end hybrid mattresses offered for a much lower price than you may expect. With ultra-thick comfort layers and ample cushioning, these mattresses are excellent for anyone and everyone. They offer enough cushion for side sleepers of every body size. Because these mattresses sleep cooler than the average mattress and offer good support, they are great for stomach and back sleepers too.

The Harmony Lux has cooling technologies found throughout the mattress. This mattress collection is ideal for most hot sleepers because it has a breathable cover and foams infused with special cooling gels. They also includes a layer of naturally breathable innerspring coils. These coils are also incredibly strong and durable. The construction includes a reinforced perimeter that creates some of the sturdiest edges found in the industry.

The Simmons Beautyrest Harmony Lux mattress comes in multiple firmness options. The Classic Top model is available in Plush, Medium, Medium Firm, and Extra Firm. There is also a Pillow Top option if you like your bed to be incredibly soft and enveloping. The best mattress comfort for you depends on how you sleep, your body weight, and simply your personal preference.

Collections Overview & Key Features: Black

The Simmons Beautyrest Black Collection has four-pronged BLACKICE™ 4.0 technology, engineered to keep sleepers cooler. This is the main selling point for the Black line. If you’re looking for a luxurious and supportive bed that will help you get your best sleep ever, you have several fantastic options in the Black collection. Whichever Simmons Beautyrest Black mattress you choose will feature the perfect blend of supportive springs and comfortable foams. The foam-encased edge support system and density-wrapped coil technology provide your core the support it needs by adjusting to the contours of your body. There is also a layer of GelTouch foam for added comfort.

At any given time, we have around a dozen Beautyrest Black mattress options available in our stores and online. How can you even begin to choose? We recommend beginning with the Beautyrest Black C Class. The charcoal fabric feels cool to the touch, plus there is also SilkAir™ Fiber and the Antimicrobial Beautyrest Black Ice fiber which combine to allow you to sleep 20% cooler. There is also Right Temp™ Memory foam in the upholstery layers, which provides cradling pressure relief. One popular option is the Beautyrest Black C Class Medium Firm. It’s patented Triple Braided Coil (T3) provides the firmest support system within the Beautyrest line-up. If you prefer a softer feel, we also carry the Beautyrest Black C Class Plush Pillow Top. This mattress offers the softest, most luxurious pillow top in the Beautyrest Black C Class collection, providing relief of pressure points and contouring to your body.

Collections Overview & Key Features: Black X Class Hybrid

The Beautyrest Hybrid line is the brand’s newest collection and focuses on just one thing- a better conforming mattress. It’s the first time Beautyrest has developed a hybrid mattress, and they did an exceptional job. These mattresses are considered hybrids because they combine both memory foam and innerspring coils for a deep, comfortable night of sleep you’ll absolutely love. A mixture of gel memory foam and a pocketed coil system, it is the perfect combination of a memory foam mattress and an innerspring mattress.

The Hybrid line offers what Beautyrest believes to be the world’s best support system. We have to agree! The 1000 Series Beautyrest Pocketed Coil Technology limits motion transfer so sleepers can lie down without being disturbed, and it gives extra back support where the back curves most noticeably. They put a ContourFit-Design into the mattress surface that lets sleepers sink more readily into the memory foams to relieve pressure more efficiently. Each model also includes a cooling feature. This is InfiniCool, a cool-to-the-touch fabric. There is also InfiniCool-Plus, two cool-to-the-touch memory foam top layers, and InfiniCool MAX. Plus, select mattresses have a comfort layer of RightTemp Memory Foam that pulls heat away from the body as you sleep. The coil support layer is made of micro coils. These innersprings are smaller to better adapt to how you move throughout the night, without causing a lot of motion transfer or noise.

Other Mattresses by Beautyrest

While the Harmony and Beautyrest Black Collections are without a doubt some of the most popular mattresses sold by Simmons, they are far from the only options available. We also stock the Beautyrest Deerwood, Colfax, and Bennington- just to name a few. These options have the same level of quality as the rest of Beautyrest's mattresses, just with less patented features and a lower price tag. Don’t let the low price fool you; they are still of high quality. 

Price Range

Mattress shopping is one area in life where you get what you pay for. If you choose the cheapest mattress possible, you won’t have a very good night of sleep for long. That being said, we understand your budget is not unlimited. Queen size Beautyrest mattresses range from around $500 to $3,000. That’s obviously a pretty big difference, and most fall in between. You’re most likely to find your new Beautyrest mattress for around $1,500, give or take a few hundred dollars. In the mattress industry, this is considered very mid-range and affordably priced.

Who is Beautyrest Ideal for?

If you get hot when you sleep, a Beautyrest mattress was made just for you. Temperature is important when it comes to sleep comfort, so Simmons Beautyrest uses a wide variety and different combinations of materials in their mattresses to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. These mattresses use AirFeel foam, AirCool gel memory foam, and SurfaceCool fibers to help regulate body temperature and promote airflow while you sleep. Those who need a mattress that can keep you seriously cool are looking for a member of the Beautyrest Black Collection. The Beautyrest Black mattress models feature Micro Diamond Memory Foam and SurfaceCool Plus Fiber to increase breathability and promote cooling while you sleep. For an upgrade in temperature regulation technology, select models have Beautyrest Black Ice Memory Foam. 

Because these mattresses are so well-made, they’re also great for people who suffer from chronic back pain. Whether you opt for a foam, innerspring, or hybrid Beautyrest mattress, it is specifically designed and constructed to give you the support you need in order to wake up ache and pain free.

Warranty Information

At City Mattress, we sell brands that offer some of the best mattress warranty options in the industry. On occasions, a mattress isn’t quite right because of a small manufacturing issue. This is where your mattress warranty will be incredibly helpful. While these mattresses are all expertly designed and well-made, occasional issues do occur. These mattresses come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty. Today's mattresses are designed to retain a firm, comfortable shape for long periods of time. The warranty covers a few general defects. Sagging or sinking are the most common mattress defects covered under this warranty.

Another Consideration to Keep in Mind

It seems like there are a lot of new mattress brands popping up. All of a sudden, you’re seeing commercial after commercial for bed-in-a-box mattresses from companies you’ve never even heard of! In this kind of marketplace, it’s reassuring to know you can still get a mattress from a brand that’s well established and has been making high-quality products for a long time. We have dozens of Simmons Beautyrest options available in-store and through our online catalogue. Why do we offer so many Beautyrest options? Because this is a great mattress brand! 

The Best Beautyrest Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Do you sleep on your stomach? The bad news is that your neck and spine are not in a neutral position when you do so. This may cause neck and back pain. Instead of trying to change your sleep position, you just need to sleep on the right mattress. Many, but certainly not all, people who regularly enjoy sleeping on their stomach find a Firm comfort feel is ideal for them. If a mattress is too soft, your hips and belly may sink in too deeply. The Beautyrest Deerwood Firm features pocketed coils that provide motion separation for undisturbed sleep with a firm comfort. 

The comfort level you prefer is personal and unique, so it’s important to note that with the right support and spinal alignment, a stomach sleeper can wake up rested after a night on a Medium or Plush mattress as well. The Beautyrest Black C-Class Medium is another fantastic choice if you sleep on your stomach but don’t quite like the feeling of a Firm mattress.

The Best Beautyrest Mattresses for Side Sleepers

When done correctly with the proper body alignment, sleeping on your side can reduce joint and low back pain, including chronic pain associated with long-term conditions like fibromyalgia. Another benefit to sleeping on your side is reduced snoring, a common symptom of certain sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea. However, sleeping on your side means pressure all night long on your shoulders and hips. We encourage you to begin your search for a new Beautyrest mattress with a Firm option that offers pressure point relief. Beautyrest’s Harmony Coastal Medium Firm Mattress relieves pressure points as you rest thanks to the targeted support. Flawlessly contouring to your body with AirCool® foam, plush comfort foam, and gel memory foam, this mattress alleviates pressure-induced aches and pains.

The Best Beautyrest Mattresses for Back Sleepers

The back sleeping position, although not the most popular, is one of the most recommended positions for overall health and for getting a good night’s sleep. If sleeping on your back comes naturally to you, you’re going to want to find a mattress that is a Medium comfort feel, around a 5 or a 7 out of 10 in the firmness level. You want to find something with ample support for natural alignment and lower back support, while also having enough softness for ideal comfort and pressure point relief. The Beautyrest Colfax Medium offers all of this, and more! DualCool Technology in the fabric keeps your mattress fresh and cool, moving heat away from the surface.

The Best Beautyrest Mattresses for Back Pain

The right amount of back support helps you avoid any type of pain or soreness in the morning. A good mattress for back pain is one that provides support for your natural curves and the alignment of your spine. These are sometimes also known as orthopedic mattresses. A supportive mattress doesn’t need to be hard; it just needs to be made in the right way to keep your spine aligned properly. Any mattress in the Beautyrest Black Collection is known to be fantastic for back pain, including the Beautyrest Black L-Class Medium Firm Mattress.

Beautyrest Reviews from City Mattress Customers

Beautyrest has sold tens of millions of mattresses while maintaining a high-quality track record and level of sales success. Because of this, they have many loyal repeat customers. You don’t have to take our word on it. Because the Beautyrest brand is so great, we consistently get glowing reviews. Jay M told us, "We recently purchased a new Beautyrest Black L Class Medium Firm Mattress and are now enjoying a much more comfortable nights rest. Just the right amount of firmness without being too hard." Robert F said, "This mattress has not only improved my overall sleep, but has done wonders relieving my IT band issues by providing me with the extra support I needed." Linda R left us a review that said, "My new mattress has come up to expectations and beyond. I have had the best sleep. " Clearly, these recent reviews show that this brand does not disappoint!

More Products from Beautyrest

Mattress Pad

A mattress pad is ideal for adding even more comfort to your mattress, as well as protecting it from spills and stains. A Beautyrest mattress pad designed to be perfect for your Beautyrest mattress. You are sure to love the Beautyrest Heated Mattress Pad. It has 20 different heat settings to find your perfect temperature! This heating mattress pad combines personalized warmth and quilted cotton comfort to deliver a relaxing experience that’s sure to put you right to sleep.

Cotton Sheets

Beautyrest cotton sheets are the perfect addition to your new Beautyrest mattress! We carry numerous options, so you’re sure to find the exact color and thread count you love. If you like to be extra cozy, there are flannel options too!

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are proven to keep you calm and cozy. Encouraging deeper sleep and relaxation, the Beautyrest Deluxe Weighted Blanket includes a soft, cloud-quilted cover that you insert in 12-pound or 18-pound weights. It will feel like you’re getting a gentle hug all night long!

Heated Blanket

You’re not done completing your perfect sleep system just yet. You can experience a luxurious layer of personalized warmth and softness with Beautyrest's Heated Plush Blanket, featuring Secure Comfort Technology. The advanced options offer 20 heat settings and a 10-hour shut off. It is even compatible with smart device integration, so you can control the blanket hands-free by voice!

You want your new mattress to last for years to come, staying comfortable and supportive for close to a decade. This means purchasing a mattress made from a manufacturer well-known for quality and commitment to excellence. Many shoppers find the perfect mattress for them within the Simmons Beautyrest brand. Could you be one of them? While we hope this information helps you better understand the Beautyrest brand and what options you have within it, you may have a better idea of the best mattress for you by coming into a City Mattress store and lying down on one. Just a few minutes is all you need to lie down on a few mattresses and choose your favorite.