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Your Sleeper Sofa Options When Shopping at City Mattress


New Sleeper Sofa

When you have guests, you want to put them up right, not squeeze them into cramped spaces. Thankfully, there are pieces of furniture that do double duty! Sleeper sofas are prized for their practicality. The compact design makes them perfect for small spaces such as spare rooms, home offices, and loft apartments. It’s a couch when you’re alone and a comfortable, supportive bed when you’re hosting an overnight guest.

City Mattress is not only the best place to buy a new mattress, but a sleeper sofa as well! We have over 80 different types of mattresses, and we’re proud of how many sleeper sofas we have available to you as well great guides for what to look for when buying a new sleeper sofa. When you shop at City Mattress, you have options! When looking to buy a new sleeper sofa for regular use or for special occasions, you have a few different ways to shop. Let’s begin by breaking down several different categories:

Mattress Size

The best part about a sleeper sofa is that you are offering your overnight guest a bed that is much larger than the space they would have sleeping on a traditional couch. When you buy a sleeper sofa, you have the option between a sleep space comparable to a Twin, Full, Queen, and even King sized mattress! That’s right, options like the Luonto Erika Sleeper Sofa look like a regular couch, but then open up to offer a massive king mattress!


We currently sell sleeper sofas from two fantastic brands, Palliser and Luonto. Palliser sleeper sofas feature sleek track arms and welt detailing. Attached seat and back cushions remain attached during the seamless transition from sofa to bed. The mattress features a combination of high density and plush foams, topped off with gel-infused memory foam to dissipate heat and keep the body cool during sleep. Luonto is considered by many to be the best of the best. Each piece is individually built by Scandinavian craftsmen and is made to last. Plus, these sleeper sofas are made with organic materials, so you never have to worry about allergies or sensitivities.

Sofa Shape

We carry several shape options, so you can find the sleeper sofa that perfectly fits in your room. Whether you need a chair sleeper sofa, loveseat, or sectional, we have the sleeper sofa that will go well in the space and leave plenty of walking room too. Sit back, relax, lounge, or stretch out to snooze on your favorite sofa shape!


This piece of furniture is functional, of course, but it’s also incredibly good looking. Each piece is stylish, designed by some of the best in the industry. We have well over a dozen sleeper sofas to choose from, so it’s easy to find one to match your taste and space. We offer various styles and designs, ranging from simple to chic to contemporary. When you shop at City Mattress, you can get just the look you want! Our favorite contemporary option is the Luonto Paris Sleeper Sofa. If you’re more into a cozy, transitional style, we recommend you start your search with the Palliser Celebration Queen Sleeper Sofa. This is only the beginning! 


Perhaps you’re a pretty easy shopper to please. As long as it’s the right color, it’s the right sleeper sofa for you! We have several white and cream options, including the  Luonto Fantasy Sleeper Sofa. Looking for a dark grey? Consider the Luonto Uni Sleeper Sofa. The Luonto Flex Loveseat Chaise Sleeper Sofa is a fantastic option for those looking for brown and earth tones. If you’re looking for a bright hue, the Luonto Flipper Sleeper Sectional may be perfect for you. If you have something specific in mind and aren’t seeing it, you’re not completely out of luck. We can custom order a Luonto sleeper sofa in the exact color and fabric you’re looking for! With a little patience, your sleeper sofa will arrive at your home literally designed by you!

Whether you have a friend from out of town staying with you, a party went long and someone wants to sleep over, or relatives who want to spend as much time with you as possible when they’re in the area, City Mattress’s sleeper sofas are perfect for the job. Traditional beds, especially a Queen or King, take up a lot of square footage in a room and this is not always feasible. 

City Mattress’s sleeper sofas are a breeze to open and close, so you never have to struggle with a heavy mattress. While sleeper sofas can be notoriously heavy, you don’t have to worry how you’ll get it home when you buy one from City Mattress. We provide free delivery and set up with every sleeper sofa we sell. We even take away your old bed or sofa for a small extra fee. Get your sleeper sofa at City Mattress today!