White Noise Machines

About White Noise Machines

If you find it difficult to sleep in complete silence, you’re certainly not alone. Many people enjoy falling asleep to the soothing hum of white noise, which consists of low-, medium-, and high-frequency sounds played together at the same intensity level. On the opposite end of the spectrum, white noise effectively masks other sounds, making it helpful for people who live in noisy neighborhoods or need to sleep during the day.

A white noise machine, also known as a sound machine or a sound spa, can help you create a more relaxing bedroom environment that promotes deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Your Options with White Noise Machines

You can always trust City Mattress to carry top options made by the industry’s best brands, no matter what the product is. This applies to our selection of white noise machines! We’re proud to carry the best-made white noise machines, including several options by Yogasleep.

We carry options made for your bedroom, as well as smaller, travel-sized options you can easily take on the go. Yogasleep’s Travelcube White Noise Sound Machine includes a lanyard and USB cable for convenient charging anytime, anywhere. Its compact size means it takes up minimal space and easily slips into a purse, travel carry on, or diaper bag.

What Else You Should Know About White Noise Machines

Many of the industry’s top white noise machines actually play more than white noise! You have several soothing noise options, including white noise, but also brown noise, nature sounds, and a gentle lullaby.