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Brand Highlight: Malouf


Malouf Pillows and Sheets

Your sleep is just as important to a healthy, happy life as eating a well-balanced diet, exercising daily, breathing fresh air, and having connections with loved ones. We understand that restorative sleep requires attention and intention, and Malouf understands this as well. That’s why Malouf designs bedroom products to maximize your health, comfort, and well-being. We want you to commit to purposeful sleep by looking into some of the truly amazing things made by Malouf and available through City Mattress.

Specialty Pillows

There’s no such thing as “just a pillow,” especially if you’re talking about Malouf pillows. There are many different types of pillows available through City Mattress, all different sizes, materials, and shapes. Regardless of whether you’re a side sleeper who needs a special pillow designed for this position or want a luxury pillow made from the finest down material, finding one that offers your head and neck support should be your top priority. Malouf makes this easy! Your options include memory foam pillows, gel-filled pillows, travel pillows, wrap-around pregnancy pillows, and so much more. If you want to read in bed before you fall asleep, there’s a lounge pillow made especially for this. If you get too warm when you sleep and want a cooling pillow to help with this, there’s actually nine different options to choose from! Each type has its own advantages and will work best for individual sleepers. With so many choices, there’s sure to be one that is ideal for you. 

High-Quality Linens and Bedding

When you sleep well, you live well! Malouf is world-renowned for designing and creating some of the best pillows available in the industry today. Did you know that Malouf also makes high-quality linens? The same attention to detail, care, and concern they put into their pillows extends to their bedding options as well. A quick peek at our online selection will show you that you literally have dozens upon dozens of sheets, blankets, and mattress topper options with Malouf.

It is easy to not only sleep comfortably, but also design your dream bedroom, with the help of Malouf. You can create an ambiance and bring character to your bedroom by investing in Malouf bedding. This expansive collection makes it easy to shop for all your bedding wants and needs, from bed skirts to blankets and throws to pillowcases and beyond. You’ll be able to create a stylish and comfortable look, whether you decide your bedroom needs a French linen bed skirt, a weighted blanket, or Supima Cotton sheets.

We encourage you to pay special attention to Malouf’s eco-friendly bamboo options, like the Malouf Bamboo Duvet Cover Set and bamboo sheets. The benefits of bamboo sheets are numerous! Bamboo is naturally breathable and wicks away moisture. Bamboo bedding is a great idea for you if you often get too warm when you sleep. They’re also worth looking into if you like to be as eco-friendly as possible, you want durable sheets, you struggle with eczema, or you have acne.

Commitment to a Positive Impact

Malouf has always been driven to exceed customer expectations and satisfaction with more options, higher quality, and better support. Buying your next bedroom essentials from Malouf allows you to sleep with a purpose. This brand doesn’t just produce some of the best products in the world, they are also a Certified B Corporation. This means that as a company, they are concerned not only with revenue, but also with their corporate social responsibility for society, workers, the community, and the environment. In fact, Malouf says they have a triple bottom line: planet, people, profits.

While some companies just say things like this around Earth Day or when it’s socially convenient, Malouf strives to achieve these three goals every single day. Their headquarters are powered by rooftop solar panels and utilize natural light, with a net zero impact. Their product lineup includes natural and sustainable options like Rayon from Bamboo, TENCEL™ lyocell fiber, and natural latex foams. They consciously follow greenhouse gas travel reduction policies, like sharing rooms and limiting in-person meetings to when they are totally necessary.

This is only the beginning! The Malouf Foundation, which exists hand in hand with our business, is something truly special. A portion of all proceeds from their products supports the Malouf Foundation’s fight against child sexual exploitation. Plus, employees can donate their skills and time by completing volunteer hours for Charity Time Off, provided by the company. We encourage you to learn more by visiting malouffoundation,org.

When you visit your nearest City Mattress location, begin by discussing your current sleep situation with our team members and let them know you’re looking for all of the benefits buying bedding products from Malouf has to offer. Our Sleep Experts will quickly know which products to show you so you can begin looking at your best options. You can also shop our website and find everything you’re looking for with ease. Very soon, you’ll have a night of deep, restful sleep and wonder how you ever went so long without outfitting your bedroom from Malouf!