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What makes Malouf Pillows unique from other pillow brands?

Malouf creates options for every sleeper, which means you have a lot of choices with this pillow brand. malouf wants you to sleep better! They offer gel pillows, memory foam pillows, travel pillows, and much more.

Which Malouf pillow do you recommend for me?

The first thing to look at is your sleeping position. Stomach sleepers want something thin and soft that supports your head without misaligning your spine and causing you discomfort the next day. You’d probably sleep best with a low loft plush pillow. Side sleepers want to use either a plush high loft pillow or a low loft firm pillow. You may also want to look for a L-Shaped or horseshoe-shaped pillow.

How does Malouf's dough memory foam compare to traditional memory foam?

ActiveDough™ is their proprietary foam that offers the quick-response feel and superior support of latex foam, plus the just-right cushion and contouring relief of memory foam. With all the best features combined, the unique ActiveDough™ feel is loved by sleepers of all styles and preferences! Traditional memory foam is known to sleep hot, that’s why ActiveDough™ foam is infused with gel to draw heat away from the body for a cooler, more comfortable sleep. It combines the best features of latex with the best features of memory foam for a combination like no other!

What are the benefits of Malouf's dough pillow?

This dough is airy and soft with a cloud-like feel, yet also has a resilient response that actively supports and cradles. As well, it helps eliminate pressure points, aligns the spine, and provides extra support to the shoulders and head.

What does shredded pillow mean?

This is actually a foam pillow. As its name implies, “shredded” foam filling is simply torn into tiny pieces. The individual pieces of foam move independently, allowing the pillow to be moldable. You can sculpt a shredded pillow much like a down pillow. It will shift and change into whatever shape feels like most comfortable to you!

Does Malouf pillow work well for stomach, back, or side sleepers?

Yes! Malouf makes many different pillow material combination and shapes, so there is a perfect Malouf pillow for everyone.

Are these pillows hypoallergenic?

Yes, this kind of of gel foam is hypoallergenic.

Which Malouf pillow is the easiest to clean and take care of?

All Malouf pillows can be spot cleaned with mild detergent by hand only. Do not soak or machine wash the foam. After you've cleaned off the spot by hand, rinse it with warm water.

How long will Malouf pillow last?

Malouf gel dough pillows have expected lifespans of about three years. This is considered longer than many other pillow types.

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