Malouf Linens & Bedding

About Malouf Linens and Bedding

Malouf is world-renown for designed and creating some of the best pillows available in the industry today. Did you know that Malouf also makes high-quality linens? The same attention to detail, care, and concern they put into their pillows extends to their bedding options as well. A quick peak at our online selection will show you that you literally have dozens upon dozens of options with Malouf.

Your Options with Malouf Linens and Bedding

When you sleep well, you live well! Design your dream bedroom with the help of Malouf. You can create an ambiance and bring character to your bedroom by investing in Malouf bedding. This expansive collection makes it easy to shop for all your bedding wants and needs, from bed skirts to blankets and throws to bamboo sheets to weighted blankets to pillowcases and beyond. You’ll be able to create a stylish and comfortable look, whether you decide your bedroom needs French linen sheets, a weighted blanket, or Supima Cotton sheets.

What Else You Should Know About Malouf Linens and Bedding

We encourage you to look into Malouf’s eco-friendly bamboo options, like the Malouf Bamboo Duvet Cover Set and bamboo sheets. Bamboo is naturally breathable and wicks away moisture. It also reduces allergies because they limit the amount of moisture in your bed which fights the cause of allergies, dust mites, from living in your bed.