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Product Spotlight: Are Purple Mattresses Good?


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A look at Purple Mattresses has to start with the founders of the company: Tony and Terry Pearce. The Pearces are truly modern-day innovators. First, they shook the world of cushioning when they invented Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ in 1996, a material soft yet strong enough to stretch past 15 times its size. Next, they used this revolutionary technology to create products like pillows, wheelchair cushions and shoe insoles. 

Still, their 2013 quest to develop the world’s best mattress catapulted them into the spotlight. The result of their hard work? The Purple® Bed — an affordable mattress that is as comfortable for everyone, no matter one’s unique sleep needs. Let’s dive into this product spotlight and explore whether Purple Mattresses are as perfect as advertised.

How They’re Made

Understanding why Purple Mattresses are so beloved means learning a bit about their construction and true feats of engineering prowess which Purple continues to push further

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These mattresses start with the 7.5-inch foundation, two independent layers of supportive polyurethane foam designed to prevent sagging and provide long-lasting support. Above that layer sits the patented 2-inch Purple Grid™, composed of thousands of Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ squares arranged in a unique grid formation. 

This layer is the secret sauce behind Purple’s comfort, as it’s designed to perfectly cradle your body and alleviate stress on pressure points like shoulders and hips. More on that later. On top, we have the cover, a polyester, viscose and lycra blend that is soft and breathable. 

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Unique Features and Benefits 

Purple mattresses offer various features and benefits that make them stand out from the rest! Here are just a few reasons why Purple is considered the top choice for customers in search of a comfortable, supportive mattress: 

  • Comfort and Support – Purple mattress customers give their mattresses rave reviews regarding comfort and support. Many report instant relief from any pain points they experienced with their old bed. This is thanks to the unique Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ technology used by the Pearces, which supports body weight evenly and comfortably as you sleep, allowing for uninterrupted rest with minimal motion transfer for those who share the bed. 
  • Cool Sleeping Temperature – The Purple mattress might be the answer if you are in a constant battle with your bed being too hot or cold. The patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ is designed to draw heat away from your body as you sleep to stay comfortable throughout the night. This keeps air circulating freely and regulates your sleeping temperature by creating an optimal sleep environment for those who tend to run hotter.
  • Bed-in-a-Box Convenience – When buying a new mattress, the Purple mattress offers unique convenience in its “bed-in-a-box” option. Unlike traditional mattresses that require time-consuming trips to the store and a difficult setup, Purple’s bed-in-a-box technology allows for easy ordering, fast shipping and convenient delivery right to your door. All you have to do is take the compactly sized box into your home and, within minutes, it will expand into a fully formed mattress. It eliminates heavy lifting, long waits, and tedious setup — all while delivering a high-quality mattress designed with comfort and support in mind. Learn more about the differences between a bed in a box vs. a traditional mattress.

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Points to Be Mindful Of

When shopping for a Purple mattress, you need to remember a few things to make the best decision. Here’s a list of points to consider: 

  • Be aware that the unique polymer grid may take some adjustment if you’re used to foam or gel mattresses.
  • The larger sizes of the mattress will be quite hefty and require extra help for setup and moving. 
  • Note that the mattress cover isn’t machine washable but should be spot cleaned and possibly paired with a mattress protector to protect against spills and other accidents. 
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Our Final Verdict on Purple Mattresses

After examining all the features that Purple mattresses have to offer, it’s safe to say that we love them. The combination of their patented hyper-elastic polymer™ grid with high-density foam and cooling technology makes for an incredibly comfortable sleep experience that can be personalized for your body type and individual needs. 

In addition, with a variety of sizes available, there is something perfect in the Purple family for everyone. And with their 10-year warranties, you can rest assured knowing your purchase is covered against defects. All in all, we’d highly recommend Purple mattresses as an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their sleep!