Purple Mattresses

About Purple Mattresses

Designed for the best sleep of your life, our selection of Purple mattresses and pillows aims to provide the support your body needs and the comfort you crave. With 30-plus years of innovation, Purple's proprietary comfort technology utilizes sleep solutions to prevent and alleviate aches and pains throughout daily life, from sitting to sleeping, with Purple's core technology, the GelFlex™ Grid. This groundbreaking hyper-elastic polymer material feels both soft and firm, reduces pressure, delivers proper support, instantly adapts as you move, and keeps you cool— simultaneously. The repeating geometric structure creates cushioned comfort with buckling open-air columns for uniform support that flexes beneath your shoulders while maintaining push-back at the lower back. Layered within mattresses, bed pillows, and seat cushions, Purple is reinventing the way you sleep and allows you to experience next-level comfort anytime, anywhere.  


Your Options with Purple Mattresses

Whether you’re in the market for a brand-new mattress, looking to upgrade your pillow and bedding layers or transform a chair into a cozy seat, Purple has the softness and support you’re looking for. Meticulously formulated, designed, and constructed to have you continuously wake up on the right side of the bed, the star layer in each of Purple’s mattresses is the world’s one-and-only No Pressure® Purple Grid™.

Interested in the classic? The original Purple Mattress® cradles pressure points and supports your back and budget with a thick GelFlex™ Grid layer over a dual-layered comfort foam base. Prefer coils in your mattress? The Purple Hybrid® Mattress utilizes a unique mix of Purple’s GelFlex™ Grid over a responsive innerspring system and cushioning foam for enhanced support, durability, and airflow. Want the ultimate in softness and support? The Purple Hybrid Premier® arrives with a 3-inch or 4-inch GelFlex™ Grid layer over individually-wrapped coils for even more plush pressure relief.


What Else You Should Know About Purple Mattresses

Expanding the science beyond the mattress, our lineup of Purple products includes other sleep accessories and comfort item add-ons to continue the comfort in the bedroom and beyond. The Purple® Mattress Protector is specially designed with deep pockets, a water-resistant coating, and a liquid-absorbent layer to adequately reinforce the sleep surface of your new Purple Mattress® without preventing you from experiencing the full benefits. Further enhancing the comfort of your mattress, Purple’s SoftStretch sheets and pillowcases feel silky-soft, wick moisture, and help maintain an ideal sleep temperature. Allowing you to experience the Purple comfort and support wherever you take a seat, the Back Cushion and various sizes and styles of Seat Cushions encourage proper posture, cradle your tailbone, allow breathability, and more.