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How to Set up a Bed in a Box


Nectar bed in a box mattress sits on foundation next to the original Nectar box

The bed in a box mattress industry is exploding right now! There are many reasons why, and much of it has to do with convenience. You can order your new mattress and have it easily shipped directly to your home, without ever coming into a store at all. Very soon, a box will arrive at your door and your new bed is only minutes away from being a reality!

How to Set up a Bed in a Box

First, bring that box inside! When you buy a bed in a box mattress from City Mattress, our white glove delivery service will do this part for you. You’ll want our friendly delivery crew to put the box into the room where you’ll be setting up your new mattress. Most Queen size mattresses weigh 80 to 90 pounds. When still compacted in their boxes, they’re not so heavy that they’re impossible to move, but they can be pretty heavy for one person or a senior citizen couple. You’ll certainly appreciate the help getting it into the right room! Don’t worry if you have stairs or a tight doorway. The box will get through easily.

Before you set up the mattress, make sure you have the right bed frame already in place. In order to give you the proper support when you sleep, all bed in a box mattresses should be placed on a flat, rigid surface, like a boxspring, adjustable bed base, or bunkie board. This will give the mattress the firmness and support it needs to give you the ultimate sleeping experience. Your next steps include:

  • Step 1: Open the box. Before you do anything else, read the unboxing directions that come in a little pamphlet. Always follow these instructions exactly, as they are tailor made to your specific bed in a box choice.
  • Step 2: Keeping the mattress wrapped, slide it onto the surface of your bed frame. Check that your space is big enough before you start actually unwrapping the mattress.
  • Step 3: Proceed with caution! Using a pair of scissors, carefully cut the first layer of plastic, being careful not to cut into the mattress itself. If needed, repeat this and remove the second layer of plastic around your mattress.
  • Step 4: Unroll your mattress. Roll out the mattress onto the bed until it is completely flat. At this point, it will still be compressed tightly and folded in half.
  • Step 5: Don’t open it yet! It is much easier to position the mattress correctly when it’s still compressed and in the plastic. Unfold the mattress and while it’s still compressed and in its last layer of plastic arrange it on your bed frame or platform.
  • Step 6: Once you have your new mattress correctly positioned, carefully cut away the final layer of plastic around the perimeter. Pull the plastic out from under your mattress and you’re all done unwrapping it. At first your mattress may seem thinner than the height specified by the manufacturer. This is normal and is caused by the compacting process.

As soon as you unroll the mattress, it will automatically start puffing up to its normal height. It may feel impossible to resist diving straight into your new bed in a box mattress, but you don’t want to do that quite yet. Let your mattress fully decompress before you begin sleeping on it. In an hour, your mattress will feel great. In four hours, it’s almost there. Some bed in a box mattress brands tell you that in order to get the ultimate support and feel from your new mattress, you will want to give it a full 24 hours to decompress before you can expect perfection. Plan on giving your mattress at least one night before you actually sleep on it.

Top Bed in a Box Options from City Mattress

A bed in a box is usually made from some type of foam, like memory foam, and is compressed and rolled or folded or both before shipping to you. Some top models are considered to be hybrids because they also have innerspring coils. You don’t want just any mattress. You want a high-quality bed in a box mattress from a brand name that you know and trust. We carry dozens of bed in a box mattress options, from top name brands like Casper, Nectar, and DreamCloud. The Nectar Classic Memory Foam mattress and Casper Original Hybrid mattress are two of the most popular bed-in-a-box options on the market today. In fact, we carry several Nectar bed in a box options that are all incredibly popular. Check out our Nectar mattress vs Casper mattress article.

As you can see, it’s very simple to learn how to set up a bed in a box. All that is left to do now is to choose your favorite! You can order one of these mattresses online and it will arrive on your doorstep just a few days later, compressed into an easy-to-manage box only a few feet long. When you buy a bed in a box mattress there is no store, no going over budget, and no reason to change out of your pajama pants! That being said, it doesn’t have to be purchased this way. Some people feel that it is too difficult to buy a new mattress without actually feeling it first. When you shop for a bed in a box at your nearest City Mattress store, you can lie down on a Nectar mattress and Casper mattress. When you feel the difference for yourself, it makes the choice in deciding on a new bed in a box mattress much easier. You won’t find the ability to lie down on a bed in a box mattress anywhere else!