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Seize the Night: Blackout Curtains


Woman opens blackout curtains to reveal morning's light

Many people are unaware of how light affects their sleep. Our circadian rhythm, the internal cycle that tells us when to sleep and when to wake, is dependent on light. In other words, our brains can get confused by artificial light and thus, our sleep is disrupted.

We are Not Nocturnal

Some of us may feel like nightowls, but the truth is humans are predisposed to sleep at night. When we upset our circadian rhythm, a host of ill effects can result, from low quality sleep to weight gain. Obviously, in our modern age of shift work, television, and phone screens, it can be difficult to obey the primal rhythm our brains naturally follow. 

Recapture the Night

The key to quality sleep is to give your brain the darkness it needs. Even if you work the night shift and sleep during the day, a darker bedroom will help you relax, destress, and fall asleep. That’s where blackout window curtains come in. 

Blackout and Darkening Curtains - Reset Your Rhythm

City Mattress offers multiple blackout curtains to choose from, all of which are designed to dramatically reduce the amount of light in the room. When you need your own dark oasis, night or day, simply draw the curtains closed and turn out the lights. Even when sleeping at night, streetlights and other light sources can stream through your windows, providing enough illumination to tell your brain to stay awake. 

Blackout and Darkening Curtain Differences

While all of our curtains are designed to heavily filter light, some filter more than others. If you’re looking for the darkest ambience you can achieve, you’ll want to select “total blackout” curtains. These curtain panels block out all light, granting as much darkness as possible. Standard blackout curtains still heavily filter the light, leaving the room mostly dark, but some light will bleed through. Lastly, darkening curtains greatly reduce the light in the room, but some dim light will still be present. Each curtain listing includes a “lighting level” entry to further guide you to what you need.

Blackout Curtains are Functional and Stylish

There’s no need to sacrifice style in the name of darker ambience. Our blackout and darkening curtains come in a range of elegant styles to suit your décor. The SunSmart Everly Branch Jacquard Total Blackout Grommet Top Curtain Panel features textured branches, and comes in gold, silver, or navy blue. For a pop of modernity, the Intelligent Design Raina Metallic Print Total Blackout Grommet Top Curtain Panel comes in six combinations of colors and metallic print. Both of these options provide total blackout ambience when drawn closed.

City Mattress also carries the elegant styles of Ann Gish, whose designs can be found in celebrity homes and fine hotels everywhere! The Ann Gish Velvet Taupe Room Darkening Curtain Panel offers a plush feel and polished look, while the Ann Gish Serenity Abstract Room Darkening Curtain Panel brings a touch of modern art to your windows. These two options darken the room when closed, but some dim light will be present. 

More Help for Day Sleepers

If you work the night shift or otherwise have to sleep during the day, you have a special range of issues that work to keep you awake. Blackout curtains will have a big impact on your sleep environment. To help filter out the sounds of the waking world, you might consider pairing your blackout curtains with a sound machine. By adding a background sound to focus on, your brain can relax and ignore outside distractions. These two additions to your bedroom can make a major difference in your sleep quality.

Seize the Night with City Mattress

At City Mattress, we’re serious about improving your sleep. While your mattress plays a significant role in the quality of your sleep, there are always other factors to consider. That’s why we offer so much more than just mattresses!

Whatever you need in your quest for a more restful way of life, City Mattress has you covered. In-store or online, consult with one of our sleep experts and see for yourself what we can do for you. By listening to your concerns and specific needs, we can help you find the ultimate sleep solution tailored entirely to your lifestyle. Come experience the City Mattress difference today!