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Rediscover The Latex Mattress


Two natural white latex mattress pieces

Many things may come to mind when you hear the word “latex,” but mattresses might not be among them. However, latex mattresses have been around for over 90 years. Over that time, the latex mattress continued to evolve and it remains an excellent choice today.

Latex as a Mattress Material

There are a few reasons latex lends itself to mattresses. For starters, it’s naturally springy, which means it reacts to energy and weight. In addition, it’s very breathable, providing a cooler surface than memory foam. Lastly, latex is highly durable, which allows latex mattresses to carry warranties of up to 20 years!

Benefits of a Latex Mattress

As we discussed in our recent latex mattress article, elasticity of latex means a latex mattress will contour to your body somewhat like memory foam, though not quite as form-fitting. Meanwhile, it retains the bounciness you might expect from an innerspring mattress. Because a latex mattress is more breathable than its memory foam counterpart, it offers cooler sleep. For the environmentally conscious, latex is naturally sourced from rubber tree sap and made into foam through natural processes, which means no harsh chemicals are ever introduced. The trees are not harmed during this process.

Latex Mattress Options

Like other mattress types, latex mattresses are available in comfort levels ranging from soft to firm. For those suffering from back pain, a firm latex mattress is an excellent choice for spinal alignment, pain relief, and comfortable sleep. A plush latex mattress offers a softer surface while still retaining a medium-firm comfort level. Pillow top latex mattresses include an extra-soft comfort layer, perfect for side sleepers, for ultimate pressure relief. 

City Mattress offers latex mattresses in sizes ranging from twin to king (including California king), so finding the right latex mattress for you has never been easier! In addition, all of our latex mattresses are adjustable friendly, so you can use them with an adjustable bed base. As always, we offer free local delivery and setup with every mattress we sell!

How Much Does a Latex Mattress Cost?

As with any range of products, latex mattresses vary a great deal in price. City Mattress offers Nautica mattresses for an entry-level option, all less than $2,000. The Nautica Calm 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Plush Top Medium Firm Mattress combines a latex core with a gel memory foam comfort layer at an affordable price. For a hybrid option in the same price range, check out the Nautica Renew 12-Inch Plush Top Hybrid Innerspring Firm Mattress, which combines latex, memory foam, and innersprings for a medium-firm comfort level. Rounding out this entry-level range is the PranaSleep Lotus Pranayama2 5.1 Firm Mattress, featuring the full latex experience at a budget-friendly price.

For budgets between $2,000 and $5,000, we offer a lot of great options. Our PranaSleep Lotus Asana 6.1 Firm Mattress is a great choice for back pain and proper spinal alignment. For a plusher experience, our PranaSleep Lotus Asana 6.2 Plush Mattress adds enough plushness for a medium-firm comfort level, while still providing excellent support. If ultra-soft comfort is what you seek, look no further than the Aireloom Jamboree Plush Mattress, a hybrid that combines innerspring support with latex comfort layers.

For budgets beyond $5,000, luxurious comfort awaits. Our PranaSleep Om Vayu Luxury Firm Mattress will keep your spine aligned while offering a premium experience of latex, cashmere, silk and wool. The Aireloom Tahoe Firm Luxetop Mattress is a medium-firm, hybrid option that combines innerspring, air chamber and latex technologies you have to feel to believe. For cloud-like softness, our PranaSleep Organics Super Hatha Supersoft Mattress is hand-crafted with wool and Talalay latex for night after night of your deepest sleep.

When nothing but the height of luxury will do, City Mattress is proud to offer Kluft mattresses. The Kluft Monarch Luxury Firm Mattress gives you firm support for spinal alignment with premium materials, such as New Zealand wool, wrapped innerspring coils, TerraPurTM Natural Latex, AireluxeTM Foam and more! For a softer comfort level, the Kluft Imperial Luxetop Plush Mattress combines the same exceptional materials with extra cushion on the comfort layer. Turning the extravagance up one notch further, the Kluft Royal Ascent Luxetop Mattress adds cashmere and organic cotton to the mix, for ultimate comfort and luxury.

Which is the Best Latex Mattress?

As with most things, there’s no such thing as the “best” for everyone. Finding the right latex mattress for you requires a bit of research and testing. Come to a City Mattress store and try one for yourself. Speak to a Sleep Expert, who will ask the right questions to match you with the mattress of your dreams.