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Match Your Pillow to Your Mattress


Woman in white pajamas side sleeps on soft pillow in bed with white linens

A quality mattress and your choice in pillows can be a big investment, but it’s also an important one. Better sleep means a healthier you, so why would you skimp on your mattress? However, many people overlook another critical component of improved sleep: your pillow.

Why Your Pillow Matters

Your mattress should give you the pressure relief you need while keeping your spine in optimal alignment. Because your spine connects to the base of your skull, your neck is just as important.Your pillow is what keeps your head in line with your spine. If your head sinks too low or is tilted too high, a sore neck can await you in the morning! 

Beyond spinal alignment, there are other factors to consider with a pillow. If you often wake up with a sweaty face or head, that’s a sign that your pillow is trapping too much heat. If you find yourself adjusting your pillow often, it’s probably too firm or too soft for your optimal comfort. In fact, you should think of your pillow as an extension of your mattress. It should achieve the same goals when it comes to your comfort.

Your Pillow Options

It may surprise you to learn that City Mattress offers pillows for a host of specific purposes, including whether you sleep on your side, stomach, or back. Much like our mattresses, our pillows also come in a wide variety of materials and styles to meet your particular needs. These materials include feather and down, down alternatives, memory foam, gel foam, and latex. 

Feather and down pillows are a true classic, and even come in hypoallergenic varieties. They provide a soft, cloud-like experience, but this also means that neck support isn’t always optimal. Down alternative pillows are filled with cotton and other materials that simulate the feel of down feathers, perfect for those concerned about allergies. In either case, emphasis is placed more on softness than maximum support, so bear that in mind if you often suffer with neck issues.

Memory foam pillows provide form-fitting support, as the memory foam conforms to your head while maintaining alignment. If you prefer feeling cradled by your pillow, memory foam is ideal. However, memory foam has a tendency to trap body heat, so your head may feel warmer than it would on a down pillow. Gel pillows are made of gel-infused memory foam, featuring gel microbeads for improved airflow and cooling. This means that gel pillows provide the same support you’d expect from memory foam pillows, but with a cooler overall sleep experience. 

Alternatively, latex pillows offer similar support to memory foam, but the contour is more generalized rather than hugging your head. Since latex is naturally breathable, a latex pillow will also provide cooler sleep than a standard memory foam pillow. Because latex is made from the sap of rubber trees, it’s an all-natural material with no harsh chemicals involved. Most latex is sourced sustainably as well, so it’s a great choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Fiber pillows are primarily a down alternative, though many fiber options include gel-infused foams and other technologies for a hybrid solution. As a down alternative, microfiber is light and fluffy while also being hypoallergenic. Fiber pillows are easy to wash as well, and aren’t likely to clump like traditional feather pillows.

Another pillow type worthy of mention is cooling pillows. These pillows are designed specifically to reduce latent heat and provide a cooler sleep experience. However, you may notice a lot of crossover between cooling pillows and the other pillow types mentioned above. This is because cooling pillows can be made of any number of materials, so long as their primary function is to provide cooler sleep.

Which Type of Pillow is Right for You?

Finding the right pillow for you comes down to what you need from your pillow. It might be as simple as literally matching your pillow to your mattress, having the same materials for both. However, what’s most comfortable for your head and neck may not be the same as what works best for your body, so some experimentation is in order. With the information provided in this article, you should have a better idea of what each type of pillow offers in terms of comfort and support.

At City Mattress, we take your sleep comfort seriously. If you’re looking for a better pillow but aren’t sure where to start, speak to one of our Sleep Experts. They’re trained to ask the right questions and listen to your concerns, so you can achieve better sleep very soon!