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Serta vs Beautyrest: Which Brand is Right for You?


serta vs beautyrest

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the great options. With all of these choices come many questions. “Do I need to buy the most expensive mattress to get the best sleep?” “Is memory foam going to make me hot at night?” “Will a soft mattress hurt my back?” “Which is a better mattress- Serta or Beautyrest?” City Mattress is here to answer all of your questions and help you find your ideal sleep comfort, with a mattress made from one of the well-renowned brands we carry. This includes top sellers like Serta and Simmons Beautyrest.

About Serta

Serta is one of our favorite brands and has been committed to providing a fantastic night of sleep for almost 100 years! Serta iComfort mattresses range from very soft to extra firm. Depending on your personal preference, you’ll find one that is just right. Many sleepers like their hybrid products, called Fusion, which are a combination of cooling foam and state-of-the-art steel coils. These strong, durable coils provide maximum support while you sleep. Now, you can get all the perks in one bed- cooling technology, deep down support, and cradling comfort! 

The Serta iComfort Hybrid Blue Fusion 200 Plush Mattress is one you’ll certainly want to consider. It is extremely popular, and we consistently hear rave reviews about it. Just recently, Cindy E. said “So far, this mattress has been great and as advertised! To do it all over again, I would make the same choice!!” Of the same mattress, Iris F. said “My Serta iComfort mattress has been a life changer...I had been experiencing sleepless nights and achiness. I have had much better sleep with my Serta. I wake up rested now and start the day without the soreness I had in the past.”

That is far from the only great Serta iComfort option! Beyond the Fusion line, there’s several foam options as well. These mattresses feature Deep Reaction Memory Foam which is slower reacting foam to offer the support your spine needs as well as less disturbances from movement. Carbon Fiber Memory Foam with an UltraCold System™ absorbs excess heat from your body enabling you to sleep cool and comfortable, no matter what the temperature is outside. 

When looking at the amazing design and technology that goes into each mattress, it is easy to see why these Serta mattresses are so popular. Of course, these iComfort mattresses are compatible with adjustable foundations for a night free of snoring and frequent waking.

About Simmons Beautyrest

Simmons mattresses are designed, tested, and manufactured in the USA. We have dozens of Simmons Beautyrest options available through our website and able to be tried in-store as well. Why do we offer so many Beautyrest options? Because this is a great mattress brand! Since they first patented the Simmons Pocketed Coil spring machine in 1900, this world-renowned mattress manufacturer has been focused on innovation. Today, they are committed to employing the newest technologies to help you get the best sleep possible with Simmons Beautyrest mattresses.

Temperature is important when it comes to sleep comfort, so Simmons uses a wide variety and different combinations of materials in their mattresses to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. All Simmons mattress models have some form of cooling technology, but each also has something unique to offer. Beautyrest mattresses use AirFeel foam, AirCool gel memory foam and SurfaceCool fibers to help regulate body temperature and promote airflow while you sleep. If you’re getting too hot at night and need a mattress that can keep you seriously cool, you’re looking for a member of the Beautyrest Black Collection. The Simmons Beautyrest Black models feature Micro Diamond Memory Foam and SurfaceCool Plus Fiber to increase breathability and promote cooling while you sleep. For an upgrade in temperature regulation technology, select models have BlackICE Memory Foam. Mary Kay H. sleeps on one of these mattresses and says “This mattress is perfect. It’s soft on top yet firm below. Heavenly. I can’t feel my partner turning over or getting out of bed. It supports my back & legs. Best mattress ever!”

Beautyrest vs Serta: Compare the Two

So, the real question when you compare Serta and Beautyrest is- which is the right mattress for you and your unique sleep needs? If you are ready to sleep through the night without getting so hot you wake up, you may want to begin your search looking into the Beautyrest Black mattresses. On the other hand, perhaps you’re tired of your partner waking you up and so the Deep Reaction Memory Foam in Serta iComfort mattresses is a better fit. You won’t know for sure which mattress is the right one of you until you come into a City Mattress location and feel them for yourself!

Serta is the leading mattress provider in the United States. Hannah D. recently told us about her Serta iComfort mattress “This is the best mattress! I get the best sleep with this mattress!” Wow- that’s exactly what we liked to hear. These mattresses employ advanced cooling technology and provide gentle support while you sleep, so you’re sure to love it. That being said, everyone has different needs when it comes to comfort and sleep. Overall, our customers are very satisfied with both. While we hope this information helps you differentiate the two, you may have a better idea of the best mattress for you by coming into a store and laying down on each one.