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Serta Mattresses: Quality, Reviews, & Buying Guide


Serta Mattresses

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you may soon realize there are a lot of options. With all of these choices come many questions. “Do I want a firm mattress?” “Is an inexpensive mattress going to need to be replaced soon?” “Is Serta a good mattress?” “What does hybrid mean?” City Mattress is here to answer all of your questions and help you find your ideal sleep comfort, with a mattress made from a well-renowned brand like Serta. 

What is Serta Known for?

Serta has been committed to finding new ways to innovate sleep since 1931- almost 100 years! From that original mattress all of those years ago to the revolutionary Serta iComfort Sleep System, Serta has helped thousands upon thousands of people get a good night’s sleep. Through the decades, they’ve maintained their commitment to excellence as well as continued to make these mattresses right here in the United States of America. The answer to “Where are Serta mattresses made?” is only the beginning! Let’s take the time to learn more about Serta and the Serta iSeries now. 

The Serta Mattresses Available at City Mattress

Are Serta mattresses good? You better believe it! Serta hybrid products are a combination of cooling foam and state-of-the-art steel coils. These strong, durable coils provide maximum support while you sleep. Now, you can get all the perks in one bed- cooling technology, deep down support, and cradling comfort! The Serta iComfort CF 4000 Plush is the top of the lineup. This mattress features layers of Carbon Fiber Memory Foam paired with the UltraCold System to help channel heat away from your body. The exclusive Air Support™ Foam contours to your body and helps relieve aches and pain caused by pressure points. A Layer of EverCool® Supreme Foam also provides a conforming plush luxurious feel. The CF4000 is one of the coolest iComfort models ever!

The foam mattress options by Serta, like the Serta iComfort Foam CF2000 Firm, use a combination of an all-foam core and an advanced gel memory foam material. This mattress combines layers of Carbon Fiber Memory Foam and EverCool® Fuze Gel Foam to help channel heat away from your body and provide exceptional strength and neck support. The added Gel Active® Max Memory Foam helps promote airflow to prevent that hot stuffy feeling when you fall asleep. The Cold Touch™ Cover is breathable and gives you an instant cool-to-the-touch sensation as soon as you lie down.

If you want the pressure-relieving and body-conforming features of a foam mattress that doesn’t get too hot, it is time you look into which is the best Serta mattress for you. Serta iComfort mattresses range from luxuriously soft to extra firm. Depending on your personal preference, you’ll find one that is just right. Don’t forget, all iComfort mattresses are compatible with adjustable foundations for the best sleep ever, free of snoring and frequent waking.

Serta is the leading mattress provider in the United States! When looking at the amazing design and technology that goes into each mattress, it is easy to see why the Serta iSeries is so popular.

Read What our Real Customers Have to Say About Their Serta Mattress

You don’t have to take our word on it. Because the Serta iSeries is so great, we consistently get glowing Serta mattress reviews. Just two months ago, Andy and Nancy V. told us “The Serta iComfort Hybrid Blue Fusion 100Firm Mattress is so comfortable I fall asleep faster and stay asleep. We’re happy to have City Mattress that offers a variety of mattresses to choose from that’s the best for you!” This is far from unique. Randi F. said “We are very happy with our Serta iComfort Hybrid Blue Fusion 100 Mattress. City Mattress made the process easy from ordering to delivery. The mattress is very comfortable and just what we had wanted.” Manual L told us “This Serta mattress is exactly what I needed for a relaxed, perfect, comfortable night's sleep. I don't find myself tossing and turning all night long like I used to with my previous mattress.” Clearly, these Serta mattress reviews show that these mattresses do not disappoint!

Are you ready to say goodbye to your current uncomfortable mattress and have a “relaxed, perfect, comfortable” night of sleep like Manual? We’re ready to help you get that! When you visit a City Mattress store or shop online, we’ll point you toward the best Serta mattress for you.