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Vispring - Behind the Seams of the British Luxury Mattress Brand


City Mattress recently welcomed Vispring side-stitcher Radoslav Grudlev for a presentation to the interior design community in Naples, FL. Grudlev has been a member of the Vispring family for roughly 4 years and was flown-in directly from their headquarters in London to give a demonstration of his intricate side-stitching.

Vispring Mattress Origin

A stalwart among British luxury brands, Vispring has been expertly crafting bespoke mattresses since 1901. The original inventor of the pocketed spring, their mattresses are skillfully handcrafted from some of the finest natural materials available including certified British fleece wool, shetland wool, horsehair,  cashmere, silk, and more. They manufacture over one million of their exclusive pocketed springs from virgin vanadium steel every week.

Vispring Craftsmen 

As noted in our Vispring Diamond Majesty article, Vispring craftsmen often spend years honing their talent. Grudlev has been with the company for roughly 4 years and spent upwards of 18 months training in their unique side-stitching methods. Depending on the thickness of a mattress, each Vispring has between 2 to 6 rows of genuine hand side-stitching using a 12" double-ended needle and flax thread. Stitchers begin by working on two-row mattresses, with the more experienced craftsman working their way up to handling 5 and 6-row mattresses. It is a labored process, but an integral part of constructing the ultimate, handcrafted bed.

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