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Choosing The Best Mattress Type: The Memory Foam Mattress


Welcome back to our continuing series, Choosing the Best Mattress Type!

This article will examine the memory foam mattress.

The ever-popular memory foam mattress is well-known in the mattress world for it’s advanced materials and innovative technological construction. They are well regarded for increasing your levels of sleep comfort with the added bonus of longevity when compared to a traditional innerspring mattress.

Where did the memory foam mattress originate?

During the late 1960s, a new product phenomenon was developed and tested by NASA scientists who sought to create a better cushion to protect astronauts from extreme G-forces at take-off. The final product was never actually implemented into any space program, but NASA commercialized the product and it was soon used in medical and sports equipment. Memory foam was released into the public domain in the 1980s, and found it’s first appearance in the mattress world was around the year 1991.

A main feature of a memory foam mattress is found in its construction process. The foam is crafted using an open cell structure that allows air to shift and pass among the cells. These cells are temperature and pressure-sensitive allowing the mattress to shift and compress, offering flexible support for all body types as you sleep.

Many have found this mattress type to give them a superior level of comfort not found in the innerspring mattress design. Consumers who suffer from joint pain, back pain, or who are recovering from illness or surgery have found this mattress type to be a life-saving sleep product; well worth the investment.

Due to the chemical composition of memory foam, this mattress type is a natural deterrent for dust mites, mold, bacteria and mildew. Consumers dealing with allergies and skin sensitivities may find this mattress type to be a great solution that works for your personal sleep needs.

BONUS TIP: Due to the material’s design and structure, memory foam can be found to retain body heat. Many brands are currently developing new processes to help alleviate this not-so-desirable side effect, but if you have any concerns be sure to discuss this with your sales representative.

Memory Foam Recommendations

Be sure to test this mattress type at your local store to see if it’s comfort level, texture and feel suit you. Your sales representative can also recommend the correct foundation needed, speak to the pros and cons of a foam mattress, as well as the best waterproof mattress cover and linens to help you create the optimal sleep environment for you and your partner, night after night.

  • Tempur-Pedic- The original, gold standard for memory foam mattresses.
  • I-Comfort by Serta- Memory foam mattresses infused with gel to help wick heat away from the body.