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Bedding Basics: Where Style Meets Comfort


New Duvet

You want a bed you love sleeping in. It all starts with your mattress! You need to purchase a new mattress when you no longer sleep comfortably or about once every eight to ten years, whichever comes first. You want to find and purchase the best mattress for you: one that is within your price range, provides excellent support, is made from materials you prefer, keeps your spine aligned properly, and is made to your comfort level. At City Mattress, we carry over 80 sleep surfaces to choose from, everything from Pillow Top to Extra Firm, with many different manufacturers, materials, size options, and more. 

While it all begins with your mattress, it certainly does not end there. You should enter your master bedroom and instantly love the way it looks. Everything in your bedroom should make you feel happier, relaxed, and more at ease. That is why we encourage you to pay special attention to the following:


You may not realize just how much your bed sheets impact your sleep. If you're sleeping on the wrong material or kind of sheet, you can disrupt your natural sleep cycle, and end up either way too hot and just generally be uncomfortable. Quality is extremely important! Egyptian cotton is the best material for comfort, durability, and breathability. You will want to consider the thread count but know that it is not all that matters. Good sheets range anywhere from 200 to 800 TC (thread count). 

City Mattress has a wide range of premium sheets that are made to last and made for unique sleeping preferences. When shopping for new sheets, we recommend looking into the Sheex Elevated Performance Sheet Set, PureCare Premium Bamboo Sheet Set, and Malouf 600tc Cotton Blend Sheet Set.

Pillowcases and Pillow Shams

A pillowcase is an extremely important part of your bed. This is true because they protect your pillows. When we sleep, we produce sweat, saliva, oil, dead skin cells, and other things that can get stuck in the pillow. If the pillow is being used without the protection, it will not last long. Just like your mattress, your pillow is an investment in your health and happiness that you want to keep in good condition for as long as possible. 

Some sheets come in a set that includes the pillowcases, but not all do. Either way, you have a choice in whether you want your pillowcases to match your sheets, both in the material and the colors. Here at City Mattress, we have dozens of pillowcases to choose from! Take your time and shop for one that meets your exact sleep needs and comfort preferences. The Madison Park Mulberry 100% Silk Pillowcase and SFERRA Grande Hotel Cotton Pillowcase are two of our favorites.

A pillow sham is more aesthetic than functional. It is a decorative pillowcase. Although they can definitely be slept on like normal pillowcases, pillow shams are usually used as decoration during the day and then removed from the bed completely at night. Because these pieces are mainly decorative, you can have a great night of sleep on a bed that doesn’t have any pillow shams. That being said, your bedroom is more than just a room dedicated to function. Make it pretty!

We have dozens upon dozens of high-quality, beautiful pillow shams on our website. The most difficult part may be deciding which are your favorites! We encourage you to browse our website, where you’ll find fantastic pillow sham options like the SFERRA Cossita Cotton Pillow Sham and the SFERRA Classico White Linen Pillow Sham.

Quilts, Coverlets, and Duvets

Beyond sheets and pillowcases, you need to get the right quilt, comforter, or duvet that will help you relax and sleep through the night. You’ll often hear different terms used interchangeably, and for the most part, that’s okay. The word “duvet” is French for “down,” owing to its origins of using down feathers as an insulator. A duvet is separated into two parts, the removable cover, and the insert. Modern duvet inserts can be made of almost any insulator, but are most often filled with down, feather, wool, or a synthetic down alternative. Comforters differ from duvets in that they’re one piece. They usually consist of a filler that is distributed evenly throughout. Comforters are often included in matching bedding sets, so they complete the look of your bed by design. Comforters also tend to be thinner than duvets.

Of course, for something that is in your direct line of sight, you’re going to want to choose something that is aesthetically pleasing. This is where function meets beauty! Much of this boils down to your personal preferences. You'll want to look for high-quality materials as well as a reputable name brand. We carry options from many of today’s top brands, like Elle Decor, Martha Stewart, Scott Living, and much more. Go ahead and take a look at our Madison Park Collection and choose your favorite design, like the Pebble Beach or Indigo Sky print. 

Getting your best night of sleep possible means turning your bed into a true slumber oasis. You need more than a mattress to sleep great, and more than just a mattress salesman to help you create your perfect sleep system. That is why here at City Mattress, we don’t have salespeople in our stores. We have individuals who know a lot about sleep and want to help you achieve your best night of true rejuvenation. 

When you visit your nearest City Mattress location, begin by discussing your current sleep situation with our team members. They’ll know which products to show you so you can begin looking at your best options. Very soon, you’ll have a bed that is both comfortable and beautiful!