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Pillow Sham vs Pillowcase: Are They the Same?


Pillow sham vs pillowcase

If you’ve spent any time shopping for bed linens, you’ve most likely run across the terms “pillowcase” and “pillow sham”. For those not well versed in the language of interior decorators, this can be somewhat confusing. Are these two terms for the same product? Actually, no. Let’s discuss the differences and uniqueness of a pillow sham vs pillowcase right now. 

Sham vs Pillowcase: Are They the Same?

A pillowcase is an extremely important part of your bed. This is true because they protect your pillows. When we sleep, we produce sweat, saliva, oil, dead skin cells, and other things that can get stuck in the pillow. If the pillow is being used without the protection, it will not last long. Just like your mattress, your pillow is an investment in your health and happiness that you want to keep in good condition for as long as possible.

For the most part, pillowcases are intended to sleep on, pillow shams are more decorative. A pillow sham is more aesthetic than functional. It is a decorative pillowcase. Although they can definitely be slept on like normal pillowcases, pillow shams are usually used as decoration during the day and then removed from the bed completely at night. Unlike throw pillows, pillow shams can be easily removed from their pillows to be washed or replaced. When you’re ready for a change in decor, buying new pillow shams is a simple way to do so!

Do you actually need pillow shams? No, they’re mainly decorative. Do you need a pillowcase? Yes! They keep your pillow dry and clean. Saliva, oils, hair, skin cells, and sweat seep into your pillow. All this nasty stuff may cause mold, mildew, and other allergens to accumulate. An old pillow is the perfect environment for dust mites to grow and multiply because they feed on our dead skin cells and thrive in a warm, humid atmosphere. You do not want to lay your head directly on this!

A Few of Our Favorite Pillowcases

You’ve now realized it is time to buy a new pillowcase. Here at City Mattress, we have dozens to choose from! Take your time and shop for one that meets your exact sleep needs and comfort preferences.

PureCare Kids Pillowcase

This pillowcase offers the softest comfort and serious protection. Providing a physical barrier against allergens and pet dander, it's also treated with antimicrobial silver chloride to defend against stains, odors, and bacteria. 

Madison Park Mulberry 100% Silk Pillowcase

A silk pillowcase is what is best for your skin and hair. This pillowcase features a pure, high-grade 25-Momme ensuring a silky-smooth charmeuse texture. It provides a skin-friendly sleep surface, reducing pillow-induced hair breakage and facial creasing. We offer it on our website in your choice of gray, ivory, pink, or white. 

SFERRA Grande Hotel Cotton Pillowcase

Like the crisp, tailored sheeting that graces the finest hotels in the world, the best-selling percale bedding is embroidered with double rows of satin stitch woven by SFERRA’s masters in Italy. We offer it in 11 colors, so it’s easy to achieve the perfect aesthetics in your room. Create your own five-star, hotel-quality comfort with the Grande Hotel collection!

A Few of Our Favorite Pillow Shams

We have dozens upon dozens of high-quality, beautiful pillow shams on our website. We encourage you to browse our website, where you’ll find fantastic pillow sham options from SFERRA.

SFERRA Classico White Linen Pillow Sham

You simply cannot go wrong with crisp, classic white linens on your bed. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping in a luxury hotel every night! Classic and elegant, linen material also offers unparalleled comfort, as it's cool to the touch and ultra-breathable. You may just find yourself wanting to sleep on it!

SFERRA Lucio Cotton Pillow Sham

The Lucio Collection is offered in five colors. Whether you choose White, Ivory, Cashew, Sky, or Tin, the Lucio Collection is a signature-level sateen bedding set that possesses a luscious, sleek hand alongside outstanding durability. It’s made in Italy from 100% pure extra-long-staple cotton. You won’t believe how soft these pillow shams feel when you climb into bed at night!

When looking at the sham vs pillowcase discussion, one is necessary and one is a recommended addition to your decor. You can have a great night of sleep on a bed that doesn’t have any pillow shams. That being said, your bedroom is more than just a room dedicated to function. You should enter the room and instantly love the way it looks. Everything in your bedroom should make you feel happier, relaxed, and more at ease. For many people, the aesthetics of a bed with many pillows, pillowcases, and pillow shams is a piece of this.