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Brand Highlight: Corsicana Mattresses


Corsicana Mattresses

We want you to achieve the good night’s rest you deserve. How can you do that? By sleeping on the right mattress for you! We know that some people fear mattress shopping because all of the “good” mattresses will be out of their price range. This will never be the case when you buy a new mattress from City Mattress. We pride ourselves in having fantastic options in all ranges. 

If you’re someone shopping for an entry-level priced mattress, we encourage you to look more into Corsicana mattresses. Whether you’re shopping for a mattress for your child, one for the guest room, or simply don’t want to spend too much on your own bed, this is a great brand to consider.

About Corsicana Mattresses

This isn’t some brand new mattress company that haven’t yet proven themselves. Corsicana Bedding Company was founded in 1971 in Corsicana, Texas. They manufacture innerspring mattresses, hybrid mattresses, and memory foam mattresses. Corsicana is committed to making everyday life and every night of sleep better for all Americans. This is why they’ve worked diligently in order to offer a wide range of high-quality, affordable mattresses. This guarantees as many people as possible have access to a great night’s sleep. 

If you’re looking for a mattress made in the USA, you’ll be happy to know that Corsicana mattresses still are. Thanks to the fact that these American-made mattresses are well within the price range of most shoppers, you don’t need to expand your budget in order to find a mattress you enjoy sleeping on, that was made by American workers, and will keep you comfortable for years to come!

The Materials in Corsicana Mattresses

Just because Corsicana mattresses are affordable does not mean they are cheap. Nothing could be further from the truth! Corsicana’s entire production process, from concept to design to manufacturing, was put in place to create the perfect mattress for you. 

All Corsicana mattress options are made with solid, quality materials. These mattresses are made from different density levels of foam which conform to your body to help reduce stress and relieve pressure while you sleep. The Corsicana 3500 Euro Top Innerspring Mattress includes a 440 VertiCoil® support system to limit motion transfer while providing proper orthopedic relief. A soft, stretch knit quilt with support foam offers an extra layer of padding at the euro top, while 1-inch of comfort foam, followed by 2-inches of support foam below, delivers a plush feel with plenty of pushback. One of our most popular Corsicana mattresses is the high-performance Anniversary Medium Firm Eurotop. It uses state of the art technology with the durability of traditional craftsmanship. Breathable foam in the mattress promotes airflow, regulates heat, and allows moisture to evaporate naturally. It has a foam encasement around the perimeter and a 13.75 gauge pocketed coils for support. Because of this, the Anniversary Medium Eurotop Mattress has a consistent level of support all the way to the edge. 

Your Options for Corsicana Mattresses Through City Mattress

Committed to making sleep better, Corsicana mattress has created a variety of high-performance mattresses that are all just as comfortable as they are supportive. There’s a Corsicana mattress to meet your sleep needs, whatever they are. We currently have five Corsicana mattresses for sale on our website, including the Corsicana 3500 Euro Top Innerspring Mattress, Corsicana Cypress Firm Innerspring Mattress, Corsicana Cypress Plush Innerspring Mattress, Corsicana Cypress Pillow Top Innerspring Mattress, and the Corsicana Anniversary Medium Firm Euro Top Mattress. Whether you sleep on your side, suffer from Scoliosis, or simply want as soft a mattress as possible, there’s the perfect option for you within our collection of Corsicana mattresses.

Reviews From Real Sleepers Talking About Corsicana Mattresses

We know that there’s a Corsicana mattress you will love. Which one is right for you? Everyone’s sleep needs are different, so it’s tough to say. One way to make your mattress shopping experience a bit easier is to read reviews and see what other people have to say about their Corsicana mattresses.

Jessica Z. 3500 Euro Top Innerspring Mattress, “Great price for a great mattress!”

Jeanette M. Cypress Firm Innerspring Mattress, “Very comfortable and a good night's sleep.”

Nadiana V. Anniversary Medium Firm Euro Top Mattress, “The mattress is great, very comfortable.”

Sandra C. Anniversary Medium Firm Euro Top Mattress, “I am really enjoying my new bed. I am going through treatments, and having a comfortable bed that meets my needs is a necessity.”

Beth M. Anniversary Medium Firm Euro Top Mattress, “It sleeps great! We are 89 years old and 86 years old and love this mattress. I have a broken C2 vertebrae that will never heal and this mattress offers great support.”

These reviews are only the beginning! As you browse our website for Corsicana mattresses, you’ll see many more. Simply select a page for the specific model you’re interested in and scroll down to the bottom. You’ll see what real, verified buyers have said about the mattress in question. More often than not, it’s very positive!

Don’t forget what your new mattress will be placed on! You do have options beyond the traditional box spring foundation. When you buy a Corsicana mattress, the mattress can be paired with an adjustable bed base. This is a fantastic way to create the ideal sleep combination to get your needed rest in. For an affordable price, you’ll sleep better than ever and wake up refreshed every single day!