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About Corsicana

Corsicana Bedding Company was founded in 1971 in Corsicana, Texas. They manufacture innerspring mattresses, hybrid mattresses, and memory foam mattresses. Corsicana is committed to making everyday life and every night of sleep better for all Americans. This is why they’ve worked diligently in order to offer a wide range of high-quality, affordable mattresses. This guarantees as many people as possible have access to a great night’s sleep. All of these American-made mattresses are well within the price range of most shoppers. With Corsicana, you don’t need to expand your budget in order to find a mattress you enjoy sleeping on!

Corsicana Materials

All Corsicana mattress options are made with solid, quality materials. These mattresses are made from different density levels of foam which conform to your body to help reduce stress and relieve pressure while you sleep. The Renue 12 Hybrid Mattress is a foam encased mattress made of 696 pocketed coils with 13.75 gauge. The comfort layers are Gel Visco, foam and Copper Visco. In fact, copper is infused into the foam of many Corsicana mattress options in order to facilitate cooling and pressure point relief. This copper also protects the mattress from microbes. With Edge Zoned Pocketed Coils, the Renue Hybrid mattress and SleepInc 6 Foam Mattress have a consistent level of support all the way to the edge.

Your Options for Corsicana Through City Mattress

Committed to making sleep better, Corsicana mattress has created a variety of high-performance mattresses that uses state of the art technology with the durability of traditional craftmanship. There’s a Corsicana mattress to meet your sleep needs, whatever they are. We currently have several Bed in a Box Mattress options from Corsicana, including the SleepInc 12 Hybrid Euro Top Mattress, SleepInc 10 Hybrid Medium Firm Mattress, Renue 10 Medium Firm Mattress, and Renue 12 Medium Firm Mattress. Each of these options is delivered to your doorstep in a box that is easy to unpack on your own. Beyond these options, we also carry the SleepInc 6 Foam Mattress and Renue 12 Hybrid Mattress.

What Else You Should Know About Corsicana

Corsicana’s entire production process, from concept to design to manufacturing, was put in place to create the perfect mattress for you. Whether you want a performance mattress that uses state of the art technology or you prefer the durability of traditional craftsmanship, there’s a Corsicana mattress you will love. When you order a Corsicana Bed in a Box Mattress option, the mattress can be paired with an adjustable bed base. This is a fantastic way to create the ideal sleep combination to get your needed rest in.

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