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Bath Towels vs. Bath Sheets - What’s the Difference?


Folded pink and white towels sit atop a bed with a pink flower resting on top

If you’ve ever browsed City Mattress’s selection of sleep and spa accessories, you may have noticed we offer bath towels as well as bath sheets. If you’re not sure of the difference between these two similar items, you’re not alone. Let’s take a look at how they’re different and which one is right for you.

Key Differences Between Bath Towels and Bath Sheets

Upon a cursory glance at bath towels and bath sheets, they look quite similar. They share the same materials and styles to the point that they appear alike when folded beside one another. However, here are some crucial differences between bath towels and bath sheets:

  • Size - Bath sheets are notably larger than bath towels. While standards vary between manufacturers, City Mattress’s bath towels measure 54” L x 27” W. Meanwhile, our bath sheets measure 67” L x 35” W.
  • Absorbency - Because a bath sheet has more surface area than a bath towel, a bath sheet can dry you off more efficiently.
  • Wrap-around comfort - A bath sheet’s larger size means it can wrap around your body for a better fit, especially for those of us with larger frames.
  • Cost - bath sheets are more expensive than bath towels, making the latter a more budget-friendly option. 
  • Full sets - bath towels often come in a set that includes hand towels and washcloths, while bath sheets are generally bought in pairs without the additional items.

Bath Sheets as Luxury Items

Compared to buying a full towel set with hand towels and washcloths, bath sheets are often considered luxury items. They’re more expensive than towels and essentially do the same job. However, bath sheets do the job better because they have more material for absorption. If you often find yourself working hard to dry off with a standard bath towel, a bath sheet might be right for you. Likewise, if you prefer to wrap your towel around you and lounge for a bit, a bath sheet will do so more with comfort to spare.

Is a Beach Towel as Good as a Bath Sheet?

You might be wondering if a beach towel, given its large size, is a good substitute for a bath sheet. However, beach towels are much thinner because they have less material overall. This is because beach towels aren’t made for drying your body; they’re primarily intended as a barrier between you and the sand. The sun dries you off quickly at the beach, making a drying towel optional. For this same reason, beach towels are not a substitute for bath sheets. You can wrap them around you, but they do a poorer job of drying your body.

Bath Towel Sets

City Mattress offers a variety of bath towel sets from Enchante. These 16-piece sets include four bath towels, six hand towels, and six washcloths in matching colors. The Enchante Ela 16-Piece Turkish Cotton Towel Set is loomed from long-staple, authentic Turkish cotton grown in the Aegean region. For extra softness, our Enchante Unique 16-Piece Turkish Cotton Towel Set is comprised of Smooth Cotton™, the finest cotton from the Aegean region, for a luxuriously soft feel. There are other options as well, each with its own unique style and range of colors.

Bath Sheet Sets

All of City Mattress’s bath sheet sets include two bath sheets of matching style and color. Our Enchante Enchasoft 2-Piece Turkish Cotton Bath Sheet Set is loomed from the same long-staple cotton as similar bath towel sets and woven to a density of 500 GSM (grams per square meter) for excellent absorption. Meanwhile, the Enchante Signature 2-Piece Turkish Cotton Bath Sheet Set is woven to a density of 600 GSM for the optimal efficiency. Finally, our Enchante Monroe 2-Piece Turkish Cotton Bath Sheet Set is loomed from 100% zero-twist Turkish cotton, which provides a much softer feel for sensitive skin.

Bath Towels or Bath Sheets - Which is Right for You?

When deciding whether bath towels or bath sheets are the right choice for you, it comes down to what you already know about your bath time experience. Do you find it difficult to get completely dry using a standard bath towel, or find yourself using two bath towels to finish the job? If so, a bath sheet is probably an excellent option for you. Likewise, if you enjoy lounging around while wrapped in a towel before getting dressed, but often find it a tight fit, a bath sheet will make your lounge time much more comfortable. Whichever you choose, trust City Mattress to offer luxurious quality at an affordable price.