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Mattress Talk: Is a Twin Mattress Right for You?


Twin mattress beds in dorm room with grey walls and yellow bookcase

In your search for a new twin mattress, you have a lot of options. After all, you want your bedroom to be a peaceful oasis perfect for sleep! While the Twin may not take the crown in terms of popularity, it remains a market mainstay in many American homes.

Twin mattress sizes

A standard Twin mattress measures 38”W x 75”L, which means it’s narrower and shorter than a King or Queen. Its smaller size makes it ideal for children, while adults will struggle to find room to stretch out. For a longer option, Twin XL mattresses extend to 80” – the same length as their larger counterparts. 

Choosing the right Twin mattress for you

Besides a smaller size, Twin mattresses come in a wide array of types and materials to suit your individual needs. To help you find the right fit for you, City Mattress provides a softness scale from 1 (firmest) to 10 (softest) for every mattress we offer. And don't forget: the Twin XL size is available and may be a better option for you. Especially for college students.

Firm twin mattress

Perhaps you prefer to feel like you’re sleeping “on top” of a mattress. A Firm comfort layer means feeling cooler (as more of the body is exposed to air) as well as excellent support for back or stomach sleepers. However, side sleepers may feel too much pressure on their shoulders and hips, resulting in restless sleep. Mattresses in this category often rate less than 5 on the softness scale.

Soft twin mattress

Maybe you like to “sink into” your mattress as the comfort layer molds around you. Pillow tops provide that feeling in addition to a warmer experience, as less of the body is exposed to air. For side sleepers, a soft mattress also relieves shoulder and hip pressure for increased overall comfort and undisturbed rest. Mattresses in this category often rate greater than 5 on the softness scale.

The Goldilocks zone

If firm and pillow top mattresses represent the extremes, Plush mattresses fall in the middle. They strike a balance between pressure relief and excellent support, making a good compromise for couples with varied needs. When shopping plush top mattresses, bear in mind that different materials can give different results on the softness scale – some will be a little softer or firmer than 5.

The perfect choice for a kid’s or guest bedroom

At 38” in width, Twin mattresses provide plenty of space for a solitary sleeper. Add another person, however, and you might feel cramped. This is why City Mattress recommends a Queen or King mattress for the master bedroom. On the other hand, a Twin can be an economical choice for a guest room or even an ideal choice for a child’s bedroom, where it can comfortably accommodate two.

Smaller mattress, smaller price

Twin mattresses, while often cheaper than larger options, vary a lot in price. Differences in materials and the quantity of those materials can make a big difference.

Under $500

Our examples of Twin mattresses for less than $500 may surprise you!

Over $500

With so many choices, these examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Here we’ll list a few at different price points just to get you started!

  • The Sealy Golden Elegance Etherial Plush Mattress combines innersprings, soft foam and exclusive CoreSupport gel memory foam to provide a plush experience with just enough support. Of course, it’s also adjustable base friendly!
  • The Karma Peace Plush Mattress starts with durable innerspring coils, then builds on them with superior quality foams and fabrics. The result is a plush comfort layer with enough support to give it a 5 on the softness scale.
  • The Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Proadapt Medium Mattress features innerspring coils, a durable foam layer and extra-soft foam on top, giving firm overall support with a plush surface for side sleepers. It includes a SmartClimate Dual Cover System that's cool to the touch and antimicrobial, inhibiting allergens, dander, dust mites and mold.

We’re here to help

When you buy your next mattress from City Mattress, you’ll receive top level support from a trained team of sleep enthusiasts. Between our wide selection and helpful staff, we can help you find the right twin size mattress for you.