Home Fragrances

About Home Fragrances

Your bedroom is way more than a high-quality mattressbedding and other linensFilling a room with warm, lovely aromas, our curated selection of home fragrances includes tin and glass candles, scented sachets, room sprays, scented diffusers, jar candles, decorative candles, aromatherapy, potpourri, and more. Hillhouse Naturals, a mother and daughter team, offers artisan-made fragrant products produced on their family farm in the USA, while PureCare’s aromatherapy scented sachets infuse your home with calming or invigorating aromas.

Home Fragrances Materials

Emitting a soothing, warm, glow, and natural clean fragrance, Hillhouse Naturals’ American-made soy candles come in a travel-safe decorative tin container, elegant glass holders, or artfully woven bamboo sleeves. The Hillhouse Naturals hand-poured soy candles burn longer than traditional wax candles and produce a stronger scent, while the reed diffusers and room mists comprise only natural ingredients. PureCare’s aromatherapy sachets utilize bead scented twill to enrich your sleep environment with naturally calming therapeutic fragrances.

Your Options with Home Fragrances

Make your household not only look great but smell amazing too when choosing home fragrances— that also doubles as the perfect gift! From cashmere to sea salt and fresh citrus to linen, Hillhouse Naturals' Home Fragrance Mist provides an instant splash of scent exactly when and where you want it. In a decorative knobby colored glass holder, Hillhouse Naturals' scented decorative candle features double wicks for efficient and steady aroma. Perfect for banishing musty odors, the Hillhouse Naturals scented sachets easily tuck into drawers, closets, or storage boxes, keeping stowed away clothes, towels, and blankets smelling fresh and clean.

What Else You Should Know About Home Fragrances

Create a bedroom you love sleeping in! Aromatherapy promotes relaxation for both the body and mind using natural plant extracts to support health and overall well-being. Known for relieving stress, aiding sleep, and improving energy, home fragrances incorporating aromatherapy harness the power of nature to help balance the mind, body, and spirit.