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4 Tips to Help You Sleep Through a COVID-19 Infection


Man sits on bed Indian-style with hands on his face, unable to sleep due to COVID-19

As people across our country get sick with COVID-19, it is easy to be scared, confused, anxious, fearful, upset, angry, and maybe a mix of all of these emotions. Any time you are troubled, sleep seems harder to achieve. Worrying about your health and the health of your loved ones makes it all too easy to stay up at night. Not to mention, a day of little exercise and plenty of sugary snacks affect your slumber as well! Yet in a time like this, sleep is more important than ever. City Mattress is here to help you, so the deep, restorative sleep you need is no longer elusive.

Maybe you’re worried about your health, your finances, your family’s cancelled plans, or all of the above. You’re “homeschooling” your kids! You’re working from home! You are worried whether your parents are taking quarantine seriously! It’s not surprising to find that many people have had an increase in sleep difficulties, including Insomnia, recently. 

Make healthy sleep a priority and take steps to preserve this vital bodily function; it’s essential. While we sleep, our immune system goes to work fighting off illnesses and repairing our body. Sleep also helps us focus, think clearly, and solve problems. Being well-rested helps us maintain our composure when emotions are running high- which they certainly are right now! Make sure you’re doing the following:

Tips To Help You Sleep Through a COVID-19 Infection

  1. It starts with ensuring you’re getting the right amount of sleep. For a healthy adult, this means seven to eight hours a night. It helps to stick to a bedtime and wake up routine right now, even if your daily schedule isn’t as strict during quarantine as it normally is.
  2. At least an hour before bed, stay away from all screens. This is important all the time, as screens emit blue light that makes it difficult for your body to fall asleep. Right now, it seems like every screen is telling you something scary about the Coronavirus, so it’s even more important to avoid this before trying to sleep! Reading upsetting news right before bed nearly guarantees you’ll be lying there thinking about it.
  3. Focus on sleep quality, not just quantity. If you’re waking up frequently, your body isn’t entering the full stages of sleep it needs to boost your immune system and your cognitive functions. This means eating healthy foods and avoiding caffeine and alcohol before bed. You’ll also want to make sure your bedroom is cool and quiet.
  4. Your body needs sunlight in order to maintain your natural, healthy circadian rhythm. Staying inside 24 hours a day decreases your light exposure and makes it harder for your body clock to know when it’s time to fall asleep for the night. You may be able to go for a morning walk or 30-minute bike ride. If you can’t do that, you can still sit outside on the porch or even near a large window with the curtains open. 

In the face of COVID-19, no one can afford not to sleep well right now. We’re always available to chat with you about solving your sleep needs, either over the phone or via our website chat platform. We encourage you to keep up with reading our sleep blog for helpful tips on getting the rest you need. If you have any other questions or sleep concerns, you can find the local telephone numbers to call and speak to a friendly, knowledgeable sleep expert on this page: We want your comfort to extend beyond your mattress, so we’re here for anything you need!