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Where Function Meets Form: Our Guide to Bedroom Dressers


Modern bright bedroom interior with a large wooden bedroom dresser with mirror

If you’re shopping for a new dresser, chances are you’re looking for more than just drawers in which to store your clothes. A dresser, much like your bed, draws the eye in your bedroom. Therefore it should enhance the overall look of your sleep space, as well as perform its necessary functions.

Things to Consider with a Dresser

Before dresser shopping begins, you should determine the maximum width and height of your potential purchase. Especially in smaller bedrooms, the dresser’s size is of critical importance. If a dresser is too wide for its space, it may displace other furniture or overlap other features (such as doorway moulding). Dresser height can vary a great deal. While the dresser’s height may not seem important, it can have a big impact on the overall look of your bedroom. As for depth, most dressers are around 18 inches deep, so bear that in mind when considering its location. 

Another important consideration with a new dresser is its style. The dresser’s style can be coastal, contemporary, mid-century modern, or a number of other options. It should compliment your bed and any other bedroom furnishings. Alternatively, you can purchase a dresser with matching nightstands to completely change your bedroom’s look. 

Whether to have a mirror is a question of need and taste. Not all dressers are made to fit a mirror. Those that are fitted for one usually have a matching mirror available separately. Having a mirror can be of great benefit if there are no other mirrors available in your bedroom. Also, some people simply prefer the look of a dresser with a mirror. The choice is always yours!

Dresser Styles

As mentioned before, there are a number of styles to choose from when it comes to a new dresser. For the sake of this article, it’s easiest to categorize dressers according to style. Let’s take a look at some popular styles and example dressers for each.

Coastal Style Dressers

Coastal is a popular style that features distressed woods with a slightly faded look. Our Sea Winds Trading Islamorada Dresser is a great starter example of coastal style. It can stand alone or be paired with the Islamorada Mirror. Furthermore, the Islamorada Large Wood 6-Drawer Combo Dresser offers a larger option in the same collection and look. Also from Sea Winds Trading, the Monaco Dresser adds simple coastal style in white or blue, and also features a matching mirror if preferred.

Rustic Style Dressers

Rustic style features rugged, natural beauty with a casual look. The Vaughan Bassett

Sawmill Dresser embraces this simple style exquisitely. It adds a touch of antiquity to your bedroom, creating a nice escape from busy modern life. Meanwhile, our Sea Winds Trading Captiva 6-Drawer Wood Double Dresser straddles rustic and coastal styles, with rope handles and fabric paneling. A matching mirror is also available. 

Mid-Century Modern Style Dressers

Mid-century modern style is a modernized take on designs from the mid-20th century, often focused on the 1940s and 1950s. In dressers, this often means tapered and splayed legs, as well as rich wood tones. Our Linon Mid Century 6-Drawer Double Dresser is a fantastic example of this style. With clean lines, splayed legs, and rich walnut tones, it brings mid-century aesthetics to your bedroom. The Greenington Vale Havana Dresser is another great option in this classic style, with richly stained bamboo.

Contemporary Style Dressers

Contemporary style often features a more natural wood look, as opposed to rich stains, and a very minimalist design. Our Legacy Classic Abaco Dresser is a great place to start in this category, with its natural wood coloring and modern bronze hardware. It also features a matching mirror, if desired. The JLM Furniture Dunes Wood 6-Drawer Double Dresser is another excellent example of contemporary design, with offset handles, natural wood finish, and clean lines throughout. 

Final Thoughts

While these styles and their corresponding dressers are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, we hope you found this article helpful. Browse our dressers and other furniture for inspiration, and remember that your bedroom is all about you. Choose your decor according to your preferences, as you’ll be the one living with it day to day! 

At City Mattress, it’s our goal to be your trusted partner in sleep and home decor. If you’re unsure about which dresser or style is right for you, speak to one of our Sleep Experts. They’re available in-store or online, and they’ll answer your questions as well as guide you through the many options available. We’re confident you’ll find something to love here at City Mattress.